You Can Do It.

That’s right, you can help me write this here blog. I thought it would be cool to do a series of posts answering reader questions. Maybe you think it’s cool, too. Maybe not. We will see. The thing is I need some reader questions to answer. That’s where you come in.

You can post questions in the comments but I will not answer them there. You can send them to me in an email. You can tweet them or direct message me on Twitter. You can send me a text message. Heck, you can call me if you like and ask me via your personal digital communicator. Data charges may apply with those last two options. Seriously, if you would like to call or text say so in the comments and I will get you my number. I can’t guarantee the connection but I can guarantee I would be jacked up about it.

I am open to questions about whatever is on your mind. However, being that I am a Christian, parent, husband, missionary, beard enthusiast, expat, armchair engineer, blogger and general guru, these are areas where I think I know what I’m doing. I probably don’t, but let me think that anyway.

I look forward to what inquiring minds want to know.


You got a question you want the Barba to take a stab at? 

10 thoughts on “You Can Do It.

Add yours

  1. Parenting on the mission field: Have some aspects been more difficult than in the States? Easier than in the States? I saw your family just hit the four year mark down there so I realize the fact that you’re now fully into the Teen Years will probably have a lot to do with what has been easier/harder since you were parenting Stateside! But in general…


  2. Do you think being a missionary makes it easier or harder to see what God is doing in your life? You blog quite a bit about God in the everyday how do you know that it’s God showing you more of himself?


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