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In today’s digital age, no one is safe from scrutiny. Chances are that an interviewer at your prospective employer will have already tiptoed through your social media presence by the time you walk in.

They may plug your name into the Google and see what pops up. They’ll likely hit up a search on the Facebook to sift through your status updates and your wacko friends.  They may even fly over to the Twitter to peruse what kind of 140-character devilment you’re into.

Plug in your profile and boost it to the next level!!

As the modern church becomes more tech savvy, this type of profile assessment is much more common. Your Ekklesia is looking for a pastor. They have whittled it down to a few candidates and need a way to continue shaving names off that list. So, they start investigating social media profiles.

While you may feel confident in your Facebook wall and your Twitter account there is one account where we all could use some improvement.YouVersion. That’s right, the Bible reader.

Let Jesus Junk International help you with your paltry profile problem by using our two-fold Profile Booster program.

In a recent study, we at Jesus Junk International discovered that if you use YouVersion for the handy offline Bible it provides, you will not receive any credit or badges for that reading. Do you think any decent church wants a leader with no badges?

That’s where the Profile Booster comes in. Jesus Junk took some of the same concepts from the Church Card and brought them over to the Profile Booster program.  Initiate your account in one of two tracks.

  • Track One is for those who have a wealth of ministry experience but are novices in the cyber world. Jesus Junk has dedicated an entire floor of their complex with surrogate profile builders.  Day and night they log long hours of reading and notation, grabbing as many badges as possible for the profile they are building. They slave away to make you look good.

Each of these have generic Christian user names to make transferring them a breeze. Who knew #1Pastor was actually a Korean exchange student earning extra money for Christmas? Just sign up and pick from our extensive list of user names and profile levels.


  • Track Two is for the ministry professional who already has a profile. Maybe your profile lacks the badge swag to get you the hot job offers. Jesus Junk understands you have a tight schedule.  You may not be able to wedge in an extra 1/2 hour a day to boost your own profile so we’ve made it easier.

First, make sure to download our reading plan. It’s easy to follow.  Second sign in to Profile Booster every time you log on to the internet. Whether you’re reading blogs to steal ideas for sermon prep or just scanning the box scores of the sports site, the Profile Booster will scan it. The Profile Booster’s scripture engine recognizes Biblical references and word strings found in the Bible. Each one is then automatically logged on your YouVersion profile.

Can you say Festival of Badges? I thought you could. For years we have read thousands of verses of scripture without being able to get credit for them. Now you can get your virtual gold star without having to cut your subscription to The Bearded Idealist.

It’s a win-win. You can turn up the volume on your ministry profile to gain that much needed competitive edge and never have to change anything in your lifestyle. So if you want the best pastoral job offers and speaking engagements, it’s time to sign up with the Profile Booster program at Jesus Junk International.

Check out our other fine products and use the code LOOKSlikeJesus for 10% off.

Do you worry about your online appearance? Are you the same person live as you are in the cyber world? Do you e-Vangelize?

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