Rambling but No Round-Up

Sorry, guys, but I don’t have a Round-Up for you today. My wife injured her hand and likely will need surgery to repair a ligament tear. We are hitting up all the doctors for 1st, 2nd and 16th opinions, to find out what we should do. The funny thing is we have two very distinct camps.

Right there. Next to thumb. It just snapped.
  • Just wrap it and take some Ibuprofen. It’ll be fine.


  • You need surgery on this now. If you wait it will be a slightly bigger deal.

What I need from you guys out there in Barba-land is some prayer. We traveled quite a ways to come to the city where the specialists are, and we really need to make a decision about this quickly. Something needs to be done, but with such disparity in the professional opinions, deciding what needs to be done tough. Thanks for your help in this.

The Rambling Round-Up will be back at its regularly scheduled time next week.


You could share your favorite links in the comments for a make-shift Round-Up.

8 thoughts on “Rambling but No Round-Up

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  1. Dear, Lord, please help Ken and his wife know the path they need to take to treat her torn ligament. And please, bring swift healing to it, regardless of which method they use. And can you please heal her leg, too? Thank you for the service they are doing for you, Lord and the grace they show to me and to others. In Jesus name, we pray!


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