Privileged Life

I know I poke fun at a lot of churchy stuff. I like to call it satire because that seems a little more cerebral  and less harsh than sarcasm. The truth is I live a privileged life.

I have been given the chance to live a life of service. To serve is a privilege. Every so often that privilege takes on a particularly exhilarating flare. Yesterday I had just such an experience.

My oldest daughter had planned to be baptized at church last night. It was a convenient time because some of her grandparents were here. We went to service prepared to make a photographic assault on the baptism. Camille had about 8 people ahead of her so we waited.

Finally, while she took the steps of the makeshift baptistery, I covertly made my way to the optimum photo hot spot. As Camille got into place the pastor called out for me.

“Where’s Ken?”

Funny thing was I was about ten feet directly in front of him.

He said, “Ken, do you want to do this? Do you want to come and baptize your daughter?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

I live a privileged life.

How about you? What privileges have you enjoyed lately?

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  1. That is an awesome experience for you and your daughter! I witnessed a baptism a few weeks ago of a little girl and the dad baptized her after he said some heartfelt words. Afterwards she climbed into his arms and they hugged tightly. There were very few dry eyes in the church.


  2. That is such an awesome moment, Ken! It brought tears to my eyes. I have witnessed three of my kids deciding to get baptized and have led two of them to Christ as young children. In both cases, I know that they will have to make a commitment when they reach “The age of reason”, but I also know that God is faithful even when we are faithless.

    One of the privileges I have as a homeschooling mom is to demonstrate to my kids that even adults aren’t perfect and what to do when we fail.


  3. I saw a couple pics of this on Facebook earlier today– I was so happy for you guys! What an exciting time it must be for you to get to watch your girls growing in the Lord, and to see this kind of public declaration of their faith. And to be an active participant: Truly a privilege! 😀


  4. My father is a deacon in the Catholic church. He baptized me as an infant, gave me my first communion, and then took me to every type of Christian church around so that I would know that being a Christian is first and foremost no matter where you worship. I now belong to the Episcopal church but my daddy will be on the altar to marry us on December 21st. He has led me to Christ from the beginning and continues to do so now that I am an adult. That is my privileged life. You made me cry, Barba. Your daughter and I are the privileged ones. Thank you.


  5. This made my heart so happy for two people who exemplify the beauty of a father’s love and a child’s admiration for her daddy. What a special experience; I’m so grateful with you.


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