Photo Friday

Yeah. That’s right it’s Photo Friday time again. It has been a crazy few days.

We have visitors here from the U. S. of A., so that means we are riding the roads and showing off the beauty of Paraguay. We had Paraguayan visitors from our last town come down for the weekend (same weekend as U.S. guests arrived). Whew. Our little house was busting at the seams, but that’s all stories for another post.

Buckle your digital-tour-bus seat belts–we are on our way.

 Chips and a Coke are the quintessential snack. What if you bundle those goodies together to make it easy to carry to the register? A lot of times when there is a sale at the grocery store here, they just use postal tape and stick the items together, making use of incentives to sell things.



I am no fashion guru. I know, a stunner, right? This moisturizer is called (big letters) Snail Slobber. Underneath the name is its byline description which says it contains snail snot or mucus and various other things. Maybe I’m just out of touch with the world of Health and Beauty Aids, but is that common? Would it not be cheaper just to find snails and rub them on your face? You could keep them as pets and have an endless supply.


This is the line of kids waiting to get in for their delicious meal. The church we are attending sponsors a private school and a soup kitchen in a less fortunate area near us. Each day they provide a solid education to 85 kids (expanding hopefully to 350). They also feed about 125 a couple of times a day. We go periodically to serve the food and help clean up. Ok. fine, I go to play with the kids. There. I said it. Ya’ happy?



I told you we have visitors this week. We decided to take an afternoon and visit the ruins of the Jesuit Reductions near our home. This is the entry way to the basilica at Jesús de Tavarangué. It was founded in 1685. It is surreal to to see these buildings–a silent testament to the days gone by–and watch the parrots dance in the sky above like nothing has changed. We also visited the much larger La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná.


Finally, this is my wife. Many of you know she was hit by a car and shattered her femur in February, 2011, just after my open-heart surgery. She was asked what she wanted for her birthday by her mom, and she said an inflatable kayak.

She has been itching to get out and get some exercise. Running or biking isn’t possible now so this was a great option. This Sunday she was transferring from the boat to the landing and slipped. She sat down in 6 inches of water. After her “EWW! Wet fanny!” moment she put her hand down to stand up and tore the ligament that holds her thumb in joint. The fix for this is surgical repair. We thank God it was her left hand because she  is right-handed and uses her right for walking with the cane. Please remember her in prayer. The local doctor wanted to do the work at the ER but she didn’t want to ruin the visit with our family. We will be traveling about 3 1/2 hours to the airport then heading about 6 hours to visit the surgeon who did the work on her leg. She will have some tests to verify and then the procedure fix it.


There ya go; Photo Friday. This one took a turn for the melancholy at the end, sorry about that. I appreciate your constant support in the comments, on Twitter, the Facebook likes and otherwise. Have a great weekend.

Which photo is your favorite out of these?

9 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. Snail slobber? So nasty! Isn’t there stuff with diamonds in it or something? I can’t imagine snail slobber is equal to diamonds. 🙂 So sorry your wife has to have surgery. Praying for you!


    1. If you’re going to moisturize snail slobber is worlds ahead for diamonds in smoothness, it’s cheaper too. The cool thing is you will glisten just like diamonds without the cost. Thanks for the prayer.


  2. I had to laugh at the snail slobber because it sounds so elegant to a gringo’s ears.

    I will be praying for your wife’s surgery and quick healing.


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