Tea for Two…Serial Killers

After an oddball weekend, that I may need to write about later, I find myself needing to give the good people of my exclusive community some Barba-ness for their Monday. I decided retro was in today. In case you missed it the first time around here’s a second look at Christian Serial Killer.


Christian Serial Killer

“Does He still feel the nails every time I fail?” That’s what Ray Boltz crooned a few years ago? Then the second verse popped in my head “each time He forgives, What if He re-lives, The agony He felt on that tree?” As I pondered that notion one thought led to another and I arrived at the logical conclusion.

I am a Christian Serial Killer.

I have a mild, if not bizarre, fascination with serial killers (not mass murderers mind you) and while considering the lyrics of this song two in particular came to mind. Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. Both of these guys were described by friends, family and associates as polite, intelligent fellows who were very helpful to those in need.

Bundy graduated law school and volunteered in various capacities including politically in California. He was handsome and charismatic (the regular-people-liked-him kind of charismatic, not spiritually). He was characterized as an up-and-comer by many of his leaders, a guy with the potential to be very successful. His choice in transportation was a ‘68 VW Beetle. In the late 70’s it doesn’t get more benign and guy-next-door than that. He just had a bad habit of killing young women. Eventually that would be the death of him. *rimshot*

Gacy was a family man. He was married, had kids, and was basically a pillar in the community. He, too, was a college grad (business), although he never actually finished high school (he lied on the entrance application). He was a professional in his town and a member of the local JayCees civic organization. He dressed as Pogo the Clown and performed free of charge at charity events to raise donations. By all appearances he was just “Mr. Nice Guy who loves to help the poor kids.” However, he too had a vice. He was a chronic murderer. This was extremely bad for the charity clown gig.

Fund raisers just don’t hire clowns who kill people. Go figure.

You may be thinking, “What the heck is Barba talking about?”. I am a lot like these guys. I am a pretty nice guy. I help with charity events. I have volunteered before. Heck, I’m a missionary. But, I have this sinister secret. I killed Jesus. Really, we all killed Jesus. Not us in the flesh, but our ancestry. He died to pay for the sins of all of us. So every sinner (all of mankind) is culpable, in part, for Jesus’ death. We are all murderers in a sense. For this and other crimes against Deity we are subject to death.


Thankfully there is no condemnation for the followers of Christ. YEAH, BABY!! That’s Romans 8 serving up a big, fat piece of pardon for my despicable soul. Then I read verse 13. Crap-o-la!

“if you live after the flesh, you must die…” it says.

I do that all the time. I totally live after the flesh sometimes. I need an untarnished application of the crucifixion, again.  If the theology of that Boltz ditty is correct, Jesus just took a fresh thrashing and is preparing to feel the nails again. I’m gonna kill Jesus yet again. That makes at least–what is this, October?–75 or 80 times this year alone.

I am the worst serial killer in history. The only difference is I keep assassinating the same guy.

I know that Jesus isn’t dying all over again every time I screw up but it makes me sad to think I cheapen His sacrifice for the right to be in charge. And, where does that get me? Most times the instance I snatch control from His hands I don’t know which way to turn anyway.

In the end, Ted Bundy confessed to 30 murders and John Wayne Gacy 33. It’s time I started confessing some of mine.

What’s the hardest part of righteous living?





12 thoughts on “Tea for Two…Serial Killers

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  1. WOW! Great post!
    I’m guilty of more than I can confess to. I don’t deserve the grace God gives, yet none of us do.

    I am a sinner saved by grace!

    As a youth I studied many serial killers. My first college degree was in criminal justice. I also have to confess, Gacy’s the reason I get creeped out by clowns.


  2. I have heard this from pastors who are totally serious about killing Jesus every time we sin. It left me feeling very condemned most of the time, because, based just on my thoughts, it would mean I kill Jesus multiple times a day. I know that you meant it to be lighthearted and I am glad that at the end you say that really, Christ only died once.

    What I wish is that once we become Christians, Jesus perfection given to us would help us to be perfect in this world right now. But God makes us continually rely on His grace, probably so that we remain humble and are willing to give grace to others.

    BTW, I know that another famous serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer claimed to have become a Christian when he was serving time and one website says that both Ted Bundy and Son of Sam have confessed faith in Jesus. If it is true, when we get to heaven, we will join the ranks of “real life” serial killers . Isn’t that a truly happy thought? 😀


    1. Your middle paragraph is exactly the thing I was thinking. I may be “killing” Jesus repeatedly but I am running back to His resurrection to repent.

      Heaven filled with serial killers. I know I’m a little simplistic but it’s just another sin/sinner. So why not?


  3. These 2 guys have always fascinated me too, Ken. As I was reading your post the season in my life when I had to surrender an addiction to the Lord came to mind. After His transforming work, one thought that seemed to motivate me often was that if I were to go back to it…it would be like me punching God in the face. I would be saying…”Thanks God for all that grace and love you showed me but I’m going to go back to it now.” That thought alone would often keep me humble and grateful for all the work He did on my behalf. NOW if I could only remember this with every single sin in my life. 🙂


  4. Great post, Ken.
    I think the hardest part of righteous living is getting past ourselves and living through the power of Christ and His Spirit in us. Which of course is a Christianese way to say I’m asking the same guy who was crucified for my sins to come make me adequate in all the areas where I struggle and am weak. It’s pretty ironic in that sense, but powerful just the same.


  5. The I’m hardest part of righteous living? Getting up and doing it all over again everyday. Making those in-the-moment choices to follow the Spirit, and not the flesh.

    You know–those decision points where I usually choose wrongly.

    But I’m learning to take my place in Him daily.


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