Jabez Quit Claim Deed Kit

Thanks to God and Jesus Junk International, we outgrew our Strip-Mall sanctuary. We were growing weary of the smell from the Asian market on the corner and the constant flooding from the laundromat next door. Our offerings would only cover rent, utilities and brand-name coffee. The real change came with sacrifice. By shifting to instant coffee we could cover the expense of the Cathedral in a Can Expansion Pack.  However, a move to a bigger Strip-Mall was out of the question. Then along comes the Jabez Quit Claim Deed kit.

–Pastor Sizemore

Quit claim deeds, transfer property ownership with one simple form and no legal representation. What could be better for an up and coming church expansion program? Jesus Junk International takes this little legal gem and blends in a liberal dose of 1 Chronicles to create the Jabez Quit Claim Deed kit..

Who wants to be free from pain? Who wants to increase their territory? Who wants a little more elbow room in the sanctuary? That’s what we thought. Jesus Junk International is a friend to the Strip-Mall Sermonizer. The little guy trying to make it big.

Because every church can’t afford to be a big show.

We created a line of products to inflate your image without deflating your wallet. If your congregation already uses Cathedral in a Can, then the Jabez Quit Claim Deed kit could be the next logical step. Just like Jabez, the two-verse titan for which it’s named, this package of materials looks to “expand your territory” and “free you from pain.”

The Jabez Quit Claim Deed kit has three fundamental parts. The first two parts guide you in identifying how to “expand your territory.” The last one is an airtight way of “freeing you from pain.”

“What kind of pain?” you ask. Legal pain.

The Jabez QuitClaim Deed Kit comes with:

  • A PDF and print format of “Waltz Your Way Through the Hall of Records.”
This will give the necessary information to form a list of property owners within a short radius of your current church location.
  • Jesus Junk’s very own modified version of the best seller “How to Make Friends and Influence People…to Donate Stuff to Your Good Cause.”
This part is crucial to your successful procurement of an expanded “territory.” Everyone wants to make an impact with his life. What better way than liberating the building fund of a local church for ministry. They can give the gift of rent-free square footage.
  • Finally there is the actual Quit Claim Deed. It only takes a few minutes to fill out but can make decades’ difference. The Grantor or owner of the property can pass ownership to whomever’s name fills in the blank.
Jesus Junk International spent countless hours with a dream team of Bar-certified probate busters ironing out the loopholes in the Deed element of the Jabez kit. The Jabez Quit Claim Deed kit can be legally “witnessed” by any member of hospital staff or Hospice care and is guaranteed to stand the test of probate in the event the donor meets an untimely demise.
The Jabez Quit Claim Deed kit, what every small time pastor needs to make it BIG.
Don’t forget the mix and match 25% off offer from Jesus Junk International on goods and services.
Do you ever feel like the congregation exists only to fund the building and programs? Are you always having fundraisers?

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  1. Before I comment, be aware that I never went to church when I was growing up and didn’t settle on a church or even regularly attend any church until I was close to 30. The two churches of which I have become a member have been start-up churches meeting in schools or run-down office spaces on the wrong side of the tracks. I have been involved in two building fundraising campaigns while a member of the first church–one to raise funds to provide a building so that we could stop meeting at a out-of-business movie theater with kids ministry located in offices across the parking lot. Once we re-cycled a Baptist churchThey tried one other building campaign to expand our new building with a coffeehouse/kitchen, but the congregation said “no” with their wallets and the elders dropped the subject. Soon after that, we moved. Our current church just upgraded rental facilities and is still considered having the equivalent status of a teenage minor with the “mothership.” A capital campaign might be in the future, but with the current emphasis that the church is the body, not a building, I wonder. I do like the comfy chairs we now have :-D.


    1. I’m on the opposite end, but same end of the spectrum. I know, I just can’t say it straight. I grew up in one church or another and we always had a building fund/fund raiser going. Even if we moved or made improvements we still had the never ending fund raiser.
      I heard of one place raising money for a building for 20 years and the account had grown exactly as much as the interest on it and nothing more.
      I was just having a little fun but I think there is some fine tuning we could do to this area of church.


      1. True but I think and wrote recently about how much money could be invested in outreach,etc if we dumped the building programs.


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