Soup Kitchen Audio Entertainment

Yesterday we visited a soup kitchen that feeds children. It is part of a community ministry project a local church is doing here in Encarnacion. They feed about a 100 or so kids two meals a day. Some are students of the very inexpensive private school  they run and others are from the neighborhood. They are building the school as fast as they have funds and teachers with a vision for 350 students.

I’ve heard it said that necessity is the mother of invention.

I believe that. I’ve needed stuff in the past and invented it or rather built it from junk we had laying around. As we stood there waiting for the doors to open to the dining room it was a little chaotic. There was a sea of miniature people bouncing about everywhere. They needed something. That’s right. Something to play with. The boys especially. They needed something fast, something powerful, something that looks hi tech. Take a look at the short video of what one of the fellows brought with him to get his lunch.

That was awesome!

In case you didn’t realize it that spinning disc was an old, scratched up CD. This little guy’s dad added the top of a toothpaste tube gave him a stick and some string and set him to playing. This is the kind of play I remember as a kid. Taking junk from around the house and making or make believing it was something else.

In case you wondered:

Cut the whole end of the tube off.

Push the threads through the disc and screw the cap on to hold it in place.

Watch the video and do what he did.

BTW: If you point one of those Dollar store laser pointers at the disc while it spins you can listen to the music on it at the same time. Maybe.

What kind of junk did you make as a kid? Are you still as easily entertained?

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  1. I didn’t invent things. I invented stories. You MacGuyvers who can make a radio out of wire, a kleenex box and duct tape amaze me. And yes, I am still easily entertained.


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