Photo Friday

It’s back.

The semi-periodic photo frenzy giving you the graphical tour of Paraguay, Barba style. It has been more than a month since the last installment in this series. So, without further needless hype feast your peepers on these babies…

 We have an open air market 3 blocks from my house. Every Thursday they have the greatest fruits and vegetables for sale from locally growers. The produce is top quality and the prices are cheap. This lovely pale-skinned beauty is my wife making off with some of those awesome Cucumbers. BTW, I spared you the pics this week of the meat vendors with the sawn-in-half pigs and such.





I love it when I don’t have to wait around on a taxi. These guys are waiting at the prime spot next to the bus station. Generally I’m a fan of a little more horsepower but I could come to enjoy this, too. Clearly we don’t live in a one horse town.

*rimshot, bows*








A local insurance company has vinyl graphics on their sign to represent all the different types of coverage they offer. Apparently if you plan to be on the Titanic you can be insured. I think rather than insurance the real problem is the big holes along the water line but then again I’m not a ship builder.







How about an old school Dodge Caravan with a cow head mounted on the front? I know, you want it. The Scenic Route’s Eileen Knowles thinks this was Boss Hogg’s starter ride before he was boss. Maybe he sported this coolie during high school.







Finally, the flora and fauna of Paraguay never cease to amaze me. These two flowers, in such varied colors, are not only on the same tree but on the end of the same branch. The red doesn’t turn white like the others. It’s not a stage. It stays red until it falls off and dies just like the white ones.




That’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed Photo Friday. Have a great weekend.

Any questions or comments? What’s your favorite?

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