Cheap Mission Thrills

So, let’s just say you decided to clean out your car. I know, disgusting, but you did decide to do it. In digging around in that heap, you amass a small cash of coins tainted with all manner of fast food and gas station residue. Now the car is clean, the dash is wiped down, and the carpets are vacuumed. What do you do with that Cheetos bag full of jingle?

  1. You could buy a beverage and a bag of snack food to christen the newly cleaned back floorboard. X
  2. You could purchase a couple of your favorite hits from Zamfir, Master of the Pan flute and slip into your Tumnus outfit. X
  3. OR, you could partner with a missionary to reach people in a remote part of the world. YES
I know that last one seems impossible, but thanks to the folks over at For a Friend, you can do just that. For a Friend is a website that believes in a “God who can take our gifts—however small—and use them for His purposes beyond what we can imagine.” They “seek to silence the lies of the enemy when he says, “you can’t afford it,” “your gift won’t make a difference,” and “someone else will pick up the slack.”

For a Friend focuses on the relational ministry of missionaries all over the world. What is relational ministry and giving? It is–

sharing the gospel over cups of coffee, small meals, pairs of shoes, and much, much more. These things provide a solid ground for missionaries to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what relational giving is all about.

Often, missionaries don’t have funds set aside for such gifts, so it comes out of their general budget. By providing specific gifts that match missionaries’ needs, givers have the privilege of seeing direct blessings that result from even the smallest financial gifts.

The vision of For a Friend is to motivate those 70 percent of American Church-goers who have never given financially to support world missions. Many feel like their small gifts won’t make a difference and hope to start giving “when they have more.” For a Friend specializes in listing gifts from $5 to $20 so that virtually anyone can afford to partner with a missionary. With For a Friend donors can use their small gifts and see the tangible blessings they provide to people in need.

In the interest of transparency I will tell you I do not work for For a Friend but we do have a For a Friend profile for our mission work. However, I would encourage you to surf through the missionary log at For a Friend. Take a look at some of the great stuff happening out their with lint-free pocket change.

I know not every mission project is a good fit for every partner, so click on over and do some missionary shopping. Find a work you identify with and bookmark their page. Then, head out to sift through the couch cushions, washing machine filter and stored winter clothes for some coins to turn into a relational community for Him.

Have you ever thought your gift or ability was too small to matter?

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