Buffet Brain

This is not an all-you-can-eat Zombie extravaganza. It’s a sort of buffet view of my gray matter. Random ramblings as they pass through my stream of consciousness. Pick what you want leave what you don’t.

  • There should be a way to harvest dust bunnies and weave them into sweaters or blankets or other useful items. It seems so wasteful to  just throw them out.
  • I didn’t even know it was Friday last week until I logged online. I even forgot to post something.
  • I got a spam email saying I could win unlimited tacos for a month. Tempting…
  • Speaking of email, E-Harmony seems to think I need some dating help. I’m not really down with that, neither is my wife.
  • There has to be a way to count all the scripture I read in blog posts or on the screen at church for my YouVersion profile. I would be a Bible Badge beast.
  • “All strobe lights and Jesus” My daughters description of a cheesy music drama. *tear forms in eye* I am so proud. *sniff*
  • We have Bane-dog in our barrio. Every other dog hates this one nasty mutt. Maybe it’s because he looks like a dirty mop with legs.
  • The past, the present and the future go into a bar…it was tense.
  • Numerous blogger friends are making low altitude fly-overs near my home in SC and I can’t be there to meet them.
  • I think I’m going to devote some time to developing a catch phrase that people will recognize as mine.
  • I have some prizes I won on blog give-aways  months ago that haven’t made the transfer to here yet. I’m not ungrateful, the mail is slow.
  • There should be something we could feed dogs so their poop beeps, giving us a warning, till it hardens.

There you have it. Some of what goes through my brain. Have a great weekend.

What’s on your mind?

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