Optimist Prime

This is Barbatron. I modified it.

Hey, Transformers fans, don’t get your knickers in a knot. Take two of the blue ones and mellow out. I know his name is Optimus, I’m trying to make a point here.

I have a confession to make. The cynicism and sarcasm that fuels this little slice of interwebs pie is more than just schitck. Sure, I use it to garner laughs and jab the establishment; and occasionally I amp up the ridiculous for the reader’s sake. However, the sad truth is I am honing a craft that is hardwired in my DNA.

I don’t prepare to write this blog by cranking up the Ironic Hipster playlist and slipping into something more jaded from the Louis CK collection. I’m not channeling Eeyore to harshen up my sunny exterior. It comes to me naturally. You, fair reader, may love the outcome but I’m starting to feel a little hypocritical. I’m supposed to be “giving an account for the hope that is in me.”

I’ve gotta make sure my flare for satire isn’t tarnishing the sterling reputation of my Savior. No one is going to ask for an account of my hope if it is buried under a suspicious eye and a sharp tongue. They may laugh but they’re not going to buy my motivational DVDs.

Now before you go and get all sweaty palms and start pacing like the day the Spice Girls broke up, read on. I’m not changing anything here. I just need to make sure my life reflects the rebirth that has occurred in it for those who see me in 3D.

Is optimism your prime objective? Do you ever get too cynical or sarcastic? Is the Hope evident to others so you have the chance to give an account?

12 thoughts on “Optimist Prime

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  1. I think you have a gentle sarcasm (moderate sarcasm? light touch with sarcasm?) that manages to point to our need for Jesus. It doesn’t tear people down. And you don’t overplay the sarcasm. Your blog is a mixture of funny bits and thoughtful bits and informational.


  2. Ken, you do it well, my brother! You have a flair for satire I’m quite jealous of. But the redemptive light shines through quite brightly.

    Truly, you’re in good company:

    What was God’s question to Job at the end of that book:

    “Where were you… since you are so old?”

    How about the Emmaus walk? I find that so comical.

    Anyway, carry on with your bad self. 😉


  3. I can relate, man. I’ve struggled with sarcasm all my life. Not the light and playful type, the mean and hurtful kind. I got to the root and saw that it came from an insecurity deep inside me. If I could make fun of others or make them laugh, I would come across as cooler or more confident.

    I’ve hurt a lot of people and I’ve since made strides in changing that part of me.


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