Fair is a Traveling Carnival

“It’s not fair.”

That’s the mantra propelled by teenage angst the world over. I can’t remember exactly when but that very phrase pelted me–as if shot from the barrel of a scattergun–and spawned my philosophy of justice. My reply to that The-World-is-Against-Me-Teen was simple and held the hope of changing his or her life forever.

“You know what fair is? It’s a traveling carnival that sets up cheap, life-threatening rides in the parking lot of K-Mart.”

BOO and YAH!

Since that day I have used that explanation many times. However, I have been confronted, of late, by my keen sense of Justice. In this confrontation I have had a few random thoughts scurry across the vast plains of my fertile cerebrum. I thought I would share some of these with you to spark your own exploration of justice.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have left in their wake some rather unpleasant circumstances. These have been fodder for many a pensive marathon.

Without the use of mirrors, with nothing up my sleeve or any other device to aide me, I will share those thoughts with you.

 There is no justice outside of God. 

No matter what form justice or injustice takes, the true form cannot be vigorously understood outside of God. He is the standard.

I am arrogant to take offense at injustice against me. 

If God is just, then all injustice is actually against Him, not me. I usurp His sovereignty to take offense at injustice solely on the basis of it harming me. I don’t have to like it, but my offense should be based in the idea that this event is counter-God.

It appears I am arrogant.

When injustices come my way I want blood extracted for payment. I want to be appeased. When someone takes advantage of me, I want to know where God was. I want to know What He is doing to set this travesty against me straight. I want to see it set right. Oh no, I am not satisfied to simply know it was all handled. I want to view it, gloat in it. I want the offender to see me smirk as I walk away. Ok, maybe there is a window and they can see my reflection because walking away they couldn’t see me… but you get it.

What does justice mean to you? How do you deal with injustice in your life?

8 thoughts on “Fair is a Traveling Carnival

Add yours

  1. I should suck it up and be thankful for grace, but usually I moan and whine until someone pats me on the shoulder and gives me a few ‘poor babies’.


  2. Fair is something I really had to wrestle with after Mom’s passing.

    A friend of mine summed it up quite nicely for me. He said I’m glad God is not a God that metes out justice as we see it. You know why? Justice would mean Hell for everybody. None of us deserve or can earn his love.

    It’s been a long road, but each time I find myself whining about something being fair, I reflect that if life was fair and just, I would be eternally separated from God. Thank God for his wonderful mercy…and in this realization, helping me to GIVE grace to others when I want them to have justice.


  3. I LOVE that definition of fair. Gonna write that one down. I wish I could say I was always filled with grace when I come face to face with injustice. But, usually, I sulk first. Then I seek God’s truth on the matter.


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