The More or Less Devoted Reading Plan

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You know what’s hot right now? YouVersion©. If you’re not familiar with YouVersion© then first, dig your way out of that abandoned well. Lassie is dead and no one knows you’re there. Second, find some hip techno-junkie at your church to fill you in. He’ll be the guy with the soul patch playing Free Cell on screen three during the band’s instrumental number.

YouVersion© is basically childrens church with a high octane boost from the technology world. If I read my bible I can earn badges to put on my profile wall. It’s the digital gold-star sticker. Lest you fear I’m a hater, I am not. I have YouVersion© on my phone and use it. Each member of my family uses the app as well.

One of the benefits of this Bible app, aside from the merit badges, is the reading plans. There are hundreds of  plans available to spur your scripture reading.

There are chronological plans, book-study plans, youth-oriented plans and more. There are even read-the-Bible-in-a-year plans. You can track your progress and adjust your reading to keep from falling behind.

Today, I would like to launch the More-or-Less-Devoted Bible Reading Plan. It is a Rambling Barba exclusive based on my Christian life and experiences. Following this plan you will complete 80% of the entire Bible in less than 9 years. Some sections you will read multiple times because you’re on rotation in the nursery at church. The More-or-Less-Devoted plan uses my very own fan-and-point structure. It’s not chronological. It’s not canonical. It’s not narrative. It’s when I fan the pages and as they fall away I poke my finger in and pick a verse. It’s amazing what you can learn from one randomly selected verse without the cumbersome constraints of context.


I guess this is an elaborate way of saying I need to read my Bible more. I find that the longer I serve Him, the more of His word I need. But why is it so hard sometimes to just read it? I considered making this a Jesus Junk post but I like YouVersion© and I didn’t want folks to think differently. I think their incentives actually help overall. Maybe we can get a Barna poll on that.

Do you use YouVersion© or a different reading app? What reading plan are you currently using? Do you find it hard to read the Bible?

4 thoughts on “The More or Less Devoted Reading Plan

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  1. Plans don’t work well for me. I read a long in the OT until I get it done. I dig and dig through the NT. My main “plan” if you want to call it that is that I am writing books in a moleskine. It causes me to pause a lot.


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