Photo Friday

I gave Photo Friday a day off last week so I could focus on my guest post for Ricky Anderson. Today it’s back. I hope you have a great time perusing the pics.


I tried my hand at a little impromptu fishing this week. I had some time and the river is at the end of the street so I grabbed some gear and headed out. I realize, biblically speaking, I need five loaves to go with this to do anything stupendous, but I figured the crab was a nice filler. They aren’t big but it was a fun diversion anyway. Besides I don’t even want to think of how to catch bread at the river.



Let’s say Evel Knievel, the legendary motorcycle stuntman, tried to jump 100 refrigerators on a Rascal Scooter and didn’t make it. The aftermath of that horrendous crash would be this work vehicle. It’s part motorcycle, part scooter and part refrigerated box truck.





This is our friend Thiago. He is Brazilian and is a YWAM fellow. He works/lives at the YWAM Base in Curitiba, Brazil. One of the training tracks they have there is performing arts as a ministry tool. Thiago is a very gifted street performer who uses his juggling and fire-breathing to draw a crowd or entertain kids then he is able to share the love of God. He spent a week with us and taught us some tricks of the trade. Pray for him as he tries to hear God’s voice on his next venture. He just returned from Mozambique, Africa.





Around the corner from our house is a little office that looks like a job trailer. It is the local office for the ParaguayanNavy. It seems bizarre to say that because Paraguay is a land-locked nation. We have rivers but no ocean shore. This aluminum boat is part of the Paraguayan Armada. I think this is more along the lines of the Coast Guard.



We went with a local church to participate in their weekly outreach. They have a standing appointment with these kids every Wednesday in a neighborhood outside of the city. This area is more rural and has a large section of what is likeĀ subsidized housing. When we pulled onto the street in our 3-car caravan, the kids started spilling out of every nook and chasing the cars down the street. While the girls and I stayed and helped with the kids, Christie went with a couple of the ladies to do some bible study and prayer time. Check out her account of it here.



If you’re one prone to pray, toss our name in on your list as we continue to get our bearings here. Have a great weekend.

Any questions or comments on these?

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