I Guest 2 Sheds…

…Maybe I was right. It’s a word play for all of you grammar Nazis. I have the pleasure of guest posting over at Ricky Anderson’s blog today. He goes by @Arthur2Sheds on Twitter. I have been a closet reader of Ricky’s for a little while. “Why,” you ask. Because if I’m not in the closet someone may see it on my screen. I jest, I jest.

I was thrilled to have the chance to post over there. Ricky has the gift of ridiculous. Sure, that may not show up on a giftings test but I can guarantee that it exists. And, Mr. Anderson makes good use of it. If you’re not familiar with Ricky’s blogging go ahead and subscribe, read it for a while. I’m sure if you are dissatisfied he will give you a complete refund. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, nothing returned to angry customers, or something like that.

If you clicked over here from Ricky Anderson’s blog, welcome. Kick back, relax and browse a little. I am a missionary living in the heart of South America in the small country of Paraguay. I generally write about faith and life using satire (my wife says sarcasm) as my tool of choice.  Here are some personal favorites to get you started:

Folks with Sin, Inspired by Green Eggs and Ham

Yard Sale God

The Jesus Junk Series

The Day Fear Came

If you’re interested in Paraguay you can check out the Photo Friday series. If you’re interested in our mission work here you can check out our family blog Hagermans on a Mission.  If you haven’t had your fill yet, check out the Barba Posts Here, Too page for other guest posts at some other great blogs. If you like what you read you can subscribe to my RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, and like my Facebook Fan Page.  In addition to these great connections I launched the Barba Wit & Wisdom Mobile App. It is totally free and you can download it for exclusive content not found on the blog. So there you have it, Intro to Rambling with the Barba 101. Be sure to stick around for the more advanced class starting after you subscribe. And here’s an excerpt of today’s post:

It all started innocently enough. It was just a little playful banter on Twitter. Young @Arthur2Sheds tweeted


I responded with some ridiculous quip that is nearly, almost totally, based in the truth of our car experiences, and Sir Arthur of 2 Sheds thought it comical. I tell you, tragedy and comedy are sisters in the same dysfunctional family. He threw down the gauntlet of a guest post and, in my machismo, I couldn’t let the challenge pass. What follows is the fall out of that exchange.

Being nearly legendary in armchair engineering, I propose the invention of the disposable car. “No need for such a contraption,” you say. I will enlighten you to the gargantuan need for just such an item.

Click on over to Ricky’s blog to continue…

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