Photo Friday

I sure am glad  you decided to take this week’s pictorial tour of Paraguay. I have some good stuff for you so let’s get to it.

These cool little machines are water heaters for hot water. In the winter in Paraguay everyone drinks mate. It’s a hot tea made with the leaves of the Yerba plant. This is a service provided by a gas station and the Pajaritos brand yerba company. You just pull up, stick your thermos under the spout and hit the red button for hot. So, no matter where your going you can have hot water for mate.






This is a Ukrainian Orthodox church in the Fram colony. This is a colony of European  immigrants that have settled in Southern Paraguay. They generally run large farming operations.






Paraguay is a country of extremes. Many times that is illustrated best in the homes. This humble house is the next door neighbor to the next photo.








This house shares a wall with the previous house. This is fairly common place to find extreme poverty  and wealth on the same street. It is difficult to reconcile these kinds of lifestyle clashes.






I was power walking on the river front when I noticed this tugboat pulling up close to the bank. At first I thought Popeye had come to Paraguay to visit. Apparently, there were some fellows who needed to do inventory on one of the barges anchored in the river. They didn’t want to waste the time going to pier so they had the tug captain pull up and send them a canoe.




Ole Blue Bell needed to take a break and the cart driver was pleased to oblige. The truth is I wanted to hop in that thing and take it for a spin but I held out.



I will leave you with that last one and this thought: Pull your cart over for some rest and perspective this week.

Any questions or comments?

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  1. Pretty cool, Ken! I bet motorists in Amish comments in Amish country feel the same: “Get out of the way, Blue Bell! We’re driving here!” Thing is, it’s often good to slow down. God knows some simple reflection would work wonders here in the US.


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