Photo Friday

Photo Friday is back! I took a little hiatus to get our junk boxed and loaded, then piled high in a cattle truck. We have been in the new locale for a week and a half, and it’s great. Keep reading the blog for more on the new digs and the new work here, but for now, brace yourself for the latest edition of Photo Friday.

When space is at a premium you’ve got to use it wisely. Here in this little refrigerated case, you can get milk, both plain and chocolate, cream and yogurt. While you’re at it you can grab one of eight varieties of fruit juice. You like Jello right? Well it’s in there, too, along with Gatorade, Red Bull, Miller beer and some  bargain priced sparkling wine. To round out the bounty there is yeast and butter.





This guy is fixing a flat for me. He had to break the seal of the tire to the rim to get at it. Everything is done by hand. To put the tire back on the rim he stands on it and hits the edge of the tire with a heavy hammer to get it to slip over the lip. You can’t really see it but behind him on the work bench is his ever vigilant trained attack chicken.






So the kids were getting a little stir crazy after days in the house unpacking boxes and stuffing junk into crevasses. We decided to take a stroll on the new waterfront walkway to unwind. This passes within a couple of blocks of the new house. From this side of the river we have a great view of Posadas, Argentina.







This is the 15 year anniversary service for a church some missionary friends planted. It is a fantastic, vibrant congregation. The interesting thing is they don’t have a building. They have built a platform area recently and very nice bathroom facility but they meet under a tin roof without walls. They run a little over 120 each Sunday morning, rain or shine.


Finally, I thought this little motorcycle was super cool. It is made completely from pipe. Take a look. The main frame is a 6 inch pipe with the gas tank built inside. The seat mount is 4 inch and the rest follows suit. It is all aluminum to add to the cool factor.




ANNNNDDDD that’s a wrap. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the return of Photo Friday. BTW if you haven’t subscribed, followed, liked, and whatever, what are you waiting for?

Any questions or comments on this week’s offerings?


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  1. I’d just like to say that I would like to hire whoever stocked that grocery store shelf the next time I need to organize my suitcase for maximum capacity. I’m impressed!


    1. They have an awesome ministry there. They have a bible training/seminary school across the street in a little building with an office. The pastor and wife live in a room in the back.


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