If you have followed this blog for any amount of time you know that I like to be clever with the titles. At least I think I’m clever. Many times they can mean two or more things covered in the blog itself. Not today. I just don’t feel very creative this morning. In fact, I’m going straight for the info on this post.

We were sideswiped by what appeared to be a drunk driver last night.

I say “appeared to be” because he ran. By the time I checked on everyone and looked at the car and turned around, he was long gone. And before you ask, yes, we were in the Golf. You remember the Golf, right? The same one that has tangled with two buses and a cargo motorcycle already. Yeah, the one I just got back from the body shop 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Well, the Compact-Car Customizer drug his vehicle from front bumper to back bumper down the side of the car that was just repaired. I kid you not, that side of the car was pristine. I had already thought that it would help our resale value when the time came. C’est la vie.

I am very thankful for that no one was injured. After impact I watched the driver enter the lane behind us, posturing for a head-on collision with the car following us. God graciously allowed us to scrub off enough of his speed to let the other driver swerve and avoid the contact.

Hopefully, later today, I will get another post out to fill everyone in on some other big news, good news. For now just keep praying for Paraguay. It’s still unstable down here. And while you’re at it toss up a couple of prayers for a green VW Golf.

How is your week going?

9 thoughts on “Sideswiped

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  1. Will be praying for your car and for Paraguay, Ken 🙂

    My week has been stressful, but then I read your blog and realized I actually have it kind of coosh, and should probably stop griping! So thanks for that.


    1. Thanks for the prayers. I’m trying really hard not to be that guy. You know the one that makes everyone guilty feeling. However, if my ridiculous story helped you in some way I guess that’s cool.


  2. I am definitely praying! I suppose the police were all involved in silly matters like keeping the protests from blowing up into full-scale riots to be able to help you. At least you can drive it!


    1. Thanks. Ya know, the police don’t have resources for cars here so they are never around except for the random check points. For something like this you have to go to the station to report it.


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