A Moving Experience

In the immortal words of The Jeffersons

“We’re movin’ on up

To the East side…”

That’s right we are moving. Technically speaking we are moving to the East side of Paraguay but it is South, not “up.” Many of you Barbasites are familiar with some of our story; however, for those that are not, I will bring you up to speed. Back on December 14th, 2010, I had open-heart surgery here in Paraguay to replace a bad aortic valve. It came as a surprise but definitely necessary. I was still recovering two months later when my wife was hit by an SUV while riding on the back of a motorcycle. After her surgery and assessment we found out she would need therapy Monday through Friday for a couple of hours a day. We lived 1  1/2 to 2 hours one way from her therapy locale. The time commitment plus the ridiculous cost of fuel here combined to inspire us to move closer to the capital and therapy.

We moved to the beautiful Hogar Ganar property. This is a home for abandoned or at-risk children directed by some great friends of ours. They had a home available for us to live in putting us closer to the doctors and therapists. What a blessing it has been to be so much closer to all of our appointments.

One of the downsides to a move is leaving good friends behind. In this case, we had made many great relationships in our town and had a thriving youth club there, but we had no choice. So we packed up and came to Itaugua to live. That was March of 2011. We have been here recuperating and ministering where opportunities became available.

After Christie’s second surgery we began talking about our next phase of mission life here. Her recovery was good but not great and we found that she’s having some trouble with the new plate they put in. The prognosis is basically to allow the femur to continue to heal and in February of 2013, remove the plate and screws, after which she should experience a significant rise in mobility. With that news we decided that if we were essentially waiting anyway, it was time to start laying the groundwork for a move.

The culmination 0f the vision trips will be realized tomorrow when we go to sign the lease on a little house in a strategic (read, very little) location of Encarnacion, Paraguay. YAY.

Our plan is to move, get a feel for life in the city and then smear Jesus all over them. Sort of. We want to reboot the youth club idea there with a more urban feel as well as continue our work in rural elementary and middle schools.

Now we covet your prayers to find a trustworthy moving truck that will both get our stuff there (it is a 5+ hour drive) and will be affordable. If you have been following the news about Paraguay then you know we are in some political upheaval right now. Some nations are sanctioning Paraguay for her move to impeach and depose her president. That can mean significant increases in the cost-of-living. Continue to pray with us that these situations will resolve quickly. Also, if you read my post earlier today then you know we have just incurred some repair costs from our accident last night. Help us pray that we can get the car fixed and keep it that way.

One last thing, if you would like to partner financially with our new endeavors in Encarnacion click the Donate to Tapé Missions box to the right. That is a link to Paypal. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, contact me so we can get you the address to our  local church in South Carolina that handles our giving.

Thanks so much for your support through reading, commenting, following and praying for us. It has really been a great reminder that we are not alone in all of this.

Who can’t get that song from Nacho Libre out of their head now?  BTW I may not be as “Johnny-on-the-spot” with posts for the next week or so…

6 thoughts on “A Moving Experience

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  1. Wow, your family has had a couple of challenging years, Ken. Will pray your move goes smoothly and your wife continues on her road to recovery. And, I love that plan to “smear Jesus all over them” haha…never heard it put in such amusing terms before.


  2. So you’re not moving to a “dee-lux apartment in the sky?” (At least not yet, hee hee). That is the song playing in my head now, thank you very much. I haven’t watched “Nacho Libre” yet.

    I will be praying.


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