Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday is a special multimedia event. Roll out the red carpet and put on something ridiculous. It would be more appropriately called Film Friday. I was going to say Moving Pictures Friday but but that screws up the alliteration.

Where I usually give you a variety of photos from the odd life I have in Paraguay, today I am focusing on myself as the oddity. I have been working on a project off and on (mostly off) for a year. I broke out my  “Armchair Engineering” and created something that I wanted to share with you.

 I needed a project to alleviate my creative hunger and keep me from driving my family crazy. I love being able to combine my mechanical side and my artistic side. It turns out kinda mad scientist when I do.

I’m really into re-purposing junk for other uses. The truth is I had the idea for the meat dress way before Lady Gaga could say gaga. It just makes sense to carry some extra nourishment when you’re on the go. I think my re-use genius comes, in part, from being a cheapskate. The other part comes from being broke. Either way I don’t want to pay for something when I could make it myself.

I decided to use these cool plastic drums as the base of my cerebral calisthenics. Below is a video of how the  venture panned out. No Pop/Rock Divas were harmed in the making of this film, I hope you like it anyway. I clearly spent more time on the subject matter than the short film but you get the idea.

So what do you think? I know this was a little different but I wanted to show it off. Pack your tackle box, swim trunks and picnic basket.

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