Photo Friday

Happy Friday!!

Today’s the next installment in the gallery of coolness–that is, my version of Paraguay. If you’ve missed some of the previous Photo Fridays, click here to see them all. Ok, without further delay…..



This is a dorado. It’s basically a golden-striped bass with teeth, as you can see. This particular one was locally caught and available frozen at our grocery store. These are really tough game fish and the focus of numerous fishing tournaments in South America.





I know you’re probably scratching your head, but it’s called a typewriter. People used to use them to write stuff before computers. I can neither confirm nor deny that this very machine was used by Moses to plunk out the Torah. There are a ton of these things here being used on a daily basis for all kinds of stuff.  This particular one was in the lawyer’s office where I had some papers notarized.






A while back on Photo Friday, I posted a pic of the killer coconut-tree spines. This is not a coco tree, but it’s equally equipped to fend off the touchy-feely, tree-hugging types. Those spines are reminiscent of rose thorns but about 3 inches long and 1-2 inches around. The upper crust here plant these along their fence line as theft deterrent. Crooks don’t care to tangle with these tough guys.





This is NOT a dinosaur egg. It’s a chicken egg, the other one is the dinosaur egg. I jest, I jest. One of our neighbors shared the goose egg with me. Finally, a two-egg omelet  I can sink my teeth into.





You know how in apocalyptic movies a loaf of bread is worth a gold brick? Well, this bag of Costa Rican coffee beans could command a modern home with flush toilets in this Java-poor economy but……. You gotta prioritize, right? Our friend Joe, also a missionary here, just returned from a stint at language school in Costa Rica and brought me this bag of beans. I can’t wait to grind, brew and savor this brown elixir.



Any questions? Which one “says” something to you?

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  1. For some reason, I love the look and feel of old manual typewriters. I wouldn’t want to go back to them, but would love to have one.


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