Photo Friday

WOOHOO! Another Friday filled with photos. Last week Photo Friday came to you from Southern Paraguay and the city of Encarnacion. We are back home for now. The cooling fan expired on the Lappy so, I have had to make concession this week in my web time and com time. We’ll get that fixed and be back to full capacity right away but in the mean time….


I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but we have ice cream buffets here. Can there be a better idea? Select the size bowl or cone you want, scoop your own ice cream, pick whatever toppings you would like to put on it and then pay by the weight. YEAH BABY!!! This. Is. Pure. Genius.





These plates are on my wish list. They are a must-have item for any man who fancies himself a grilling aficionado. It’s even cooler that the labeling on the cow is in Spanish. It’s like a road map to your dinner.







I’m  a little out of the loop so tell me if you guys can do this in the U.S. The instructions on the front of this Coke machine tell me I can call the number listed. It opens a menu. Then I can make my selection and confirm it. After that I wait for 3-5 seconds and retrieve my drink from the machine. You can pay for your beverage with your phone balance. Awesome.





This is the welcome sign for a neighborhood near the city we will be moving to. The “H” is silent anyway so what difference does it make where it is. Heck, some people don’t even use the “H” at all. Besides with this spelling it sounds like JFK is saying it himself.






Finally, I love these Bird-of-Paradise flowers. They are so weird looking but they need the South American climate to grow well. This one was growing in a yard like a bush. I watched a B-grade Sci-Fi movie once where they used these things as the alien spies gathering intel on us ignorant earthlings.





So, have a great weekend. Which one do you like? Any questions out there?

12 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. 1) I want, nay, NEED an asado plate like that. Would love to have a road map of each meal.
    2) I have not seen those coke machines here in the states- that is actually a really brilliant idea.


  2. The ice cream place would be veeeeery dangerous for me. I would fork over a lot of money and end up lapsing into a sugar coma while driving home. I like the phone idea. It is better than using a credit card to buy drinks from a machine. Thanks for the pictures!


    1. Mako’s isn’t the only one of these buffets here.It’s a local joint, one store. There is a national chain too. I can verify that no matter how good your eye is your wallet will pay for your stomachs opinion.

      I’m glad you like em.


  3. I’ll up your ice cream buffet with an ice cream buffet / cupcake shop. 🙂 But by far the most dangerous combo is the Starbucks/Chipotle/cupcake shop IN A ROW in the same tiny shopping center with my job. And I work in a bead store where I can buy on credit and just have it taken out of my paycheck. Scrip by choice. 🙂

    And the Bird-of-Paradise flowers are beautiful. If you can think of the name of the Sci-Fi movie please share.


    1. You’re killing with having the Starbucks next to your work alone. As far as the movie, I was in my early 20’s and I don’t remember. I made it a habit to go rent the worst looking Sci-Fi available once a week.


  4. We have a frozen yogurt chain like that up here, Yo Mama. It’s fairly awesome. And delicious. And dangerous. But paying for vending machine products with your phone balance? Dude! You guys are living in THE FUTURE!! Way cool, man. And here I thought we were lucky to be able to pay for street parking meters with credit cards now in downtown Milwaukee, but that’s not neeearly as hip as what you guys are rocking down there. Woo!


    1. So much for the future. I have been offline for hours today because our net provider was out of service…for the whole country. Hang on a second *hits send enjoys refreshing Coke product
      Anyway watch the yogurt place the price will sneak up on ya


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