Photo Friday

Thanks for being patient and supportive with last week’s postponement of Photo Friday. I had a great opportunity to guest post over at Stuff Christians Like and I wanted to focus on that. This week I am bringing you Photo Friday from beautiful Encarnacion, Paraguay. Yes, every time I see or say Encarnacion I want to sing the love song from Nacho Libre. Without further adieu…

 This is a Tatakua. It is a brick oven made of hand formed bricks and cemented together with a sand/clay/dirt mix. The idea is to build a fire inside with small, almost kindling wood. Then close of the front and back leaving only air holes. After then wood burns sufficiently open it up rake out the ash and wood bits and toss in your favorite dish to bake in the residual heat. I have eaten some incredibly delicious meals from these things.







This is the Catholic
Church in the town we live in. If you’re not familiar with Latin American culture, every town has a Catholic church and directly across from is the Plaza, a park with sitting areas, statues and sometimes a fountain. Tons of community stuff happens in the plaza. I have seen protests, political rallies, carnivals, concerts and youth events. All this in the shadow of the church.


Yep! you guessed it. Those are replacement motorcycle mirrors with built in audio speakers. How could you possibly be expected to put in a hard day in the crazy traffic flow here without your tunes? The streets of Paraguay are littered with 1000’s of Chinese-made, knock-off motos. One model has a built in subwoofer and MP3 connection under the seat. One I saw in action will pair, via Bluetooth, to your phone and make a flashing light in the dash to notify you of a call or text.






This guy was dead asleep sitting in his delivery truck waiting for the stock boys to unload it. He had the radio BLASTING. It was so loud that it was uncomfortable for me as I walked by. I kid you not–it was playing Huey Lewis and the News, “I Want a New Drug”. I thought, “Why? It looks like the old drug has you out cold.”






This is one of those artsy Instagram  photos you can take with a cellphone. This is what is called the Costenera in Encarnacion. This is the boardwalk overlooking the river and the city of Posadas, Argentina. The government of Paraguay has spent tons of money developing the coastline of the Parana River to beautify the city and  increase tourism. It was an engineering marvel. They dammed and rerouted the river, then flooded huge parts of the surrounding land to form beaches and coast. It is a beautiful city and it very possibly could be our next ministry locale. If you wouldn’t mind dropping some prayers on our behalf as we try to hear God’s voice, we would be very grateful. Thanks ;-)>


Another Photo Friday in the books. Anybody have any questions? Which did you like the most?



12 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. 1) An awesome Photo Friday. I’m behind the ball and just now getting to it.
    2) Will be praying for you to hear God’s voice in regards to your next ministry locale.
    3) Funny enough, you got me seeing the world the lens of Photo Friday now… I was in the grocery store today w/ my wife, and saw several funny things that I almost took pictures of for blog material… you are in my head, Ken!!


    1. Thanks for the props and prayers. We need His guidance for sure. I’m glad you like the Photo Friday posts. I noticed these things a lot of times before but I just didn’t know what to do with it.


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