Irony is a Bus

I never suspected what a significant role buses would play in my life.   What’s wrong with me, right!? I’m sure all of you have sat around dreaming of days to come and their magic and thought, “I need to be around passenger buses more often. They’re gonna shape huge outcomes in my life.”

I can imagine you as an adventurous teen sneaking in to see the carnival card-reader, anxiously watching, helpless, as the bus card is turned over in your future stack. But me, I just overlooked the potential of a bus as a sign, omen or talisman. Rabbit foot, I don’t get but at least it will fit in my pocket. The same goes for a lucky coin or any number of other future shifting artifacts. Have you ever tried to put a bus in your pocket? Yeah, it’s hard, almost impossible.

Is there a point?

Yes, there is. I got a call the other day from the body shop that the car was ready. You remember the Golf? The one that got scrubbed NASCAR-style last year? Exactly, the same one that later got Shanghaied by a different bus. Well, the repairs were completed from the Bus Magnet incident and I needed to go pick it up.

Of course, I would have to ride a bus to get to the town where the car was. I waited in the rain with what I’d term patience. What? I’m working on it. Hopped on a bus and away I went. The weather and the time of day afforded me a semi-dry seat in the back next the rear exit. Awesome. Each time we stopped I got a refreshing blast of frigid road grime mist. No, that is not the new fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier.

Somewhere around halfway to my destination as we stopped to pick up more passengers, I noticed our driver decided to stay on the shoulder rather than enter the flow, not to mention we were creeping along. Then it hit me, “We’re coasting downhill.” The people-hauler died out and wouldn’t crank, so in an effort to deliver the passengers, we were letting gravity handle the motivation. We actually stopped and picked up other passengers in mid freefall then began to float some more.

At first the disturbing thing was that the driver didn’t seem the least bit surprised, as if he had been trained to drift the beast in just such a circumstance. Finally, we came to a rise in the road and the gravitational momentum halted our progress. The driver stepped off the bus and raised the hood. How ironic that the bus I took to retrieve my car from bus wreck repairs, breaks down.

Following the driver out was a passenger. I thought, “Great!  We happen to have a diesel mechanic on board.” After about 15 minutes, the bus cranked up and we took off. I had drummed up some small talk with the folks around me. You know the whole, “I see you are a slave to sin” and “Repeat after me,” kinda stuff, so I wasn’t paying attention.

After a couple of near misses with some poor folks on motorcycles and some really bizarre swerving, I looked up front. There, standing next to the driver’s seat, was my bus driver. He was hanging on for dear life and giving instructions. To whom you ask? The passenger that got off to fix the bus earlier. That’s right, that guy was driving and I say that in the loosest of terms. It turns out the panicked look on the lady’s face across from me was not from my compelling Romans Road rendition.

I ended up getting off the bus about 10 blocks early. It was still headed to my destination but the driver had changed and I was not confident in him. I still needed to get where I was going and I knew the bus would pass by there, but I felt it wise to rethink my approach. Everything about the trip was the same. The same people were on board the same bus and we had the same destination. Everything except who the driver was.

Scores of people have given God the driver’s seat in their life. This isn’t that story. This is the one where I didn’t trust Him and took over driving again when life got a little bumpy.

Have you ever been going somewhere and, in the middle of the trip change drivers? How’d that go? Is God standing there beside you trying to shout instructions over the noise?

9 thoughts on “Irony is a Bus

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  1. Being a bit directionally challenged, there have been pleny of times that I needed someone to take over for me.
    I believe that we have no much noise in our lives that God has to do some prettty extreme things to get our attention.


  2. I’ve always been a bit of a control freak. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Atypical Facial Pain and because medications are only somewhat effect in controlling the pain I tried to control everything else. As a result, I ended up in the hospital and after tons of tests to rule out a heart condition, I was diagnosed with stress induced ulcers. For the moment I walked through the hospital doors I had to someone else drive – let the doctors make the decisions on what was the best way to proceed, let my husband handle things at home, etc.
    I see as God’s way of telling me to let go. Let go of trying to fix things I can’t control, let go of trying to please everyone, and to let go of trying to have all the answers. My spiritual beliefs have been in flux for a while now (which has added to my anxiety) but I’m learning to be okay with that. And yes I’m heavily medicated for the pain and the stress but learning to be okay with that and realizing its necessary at this point in my life is allowing me to hear God tell me I don’t always have to be in the driver’s seat.


    1. Thanks for being open and sharing. These are the kinds of things that crossed my mind when I wrote this. Life gets bumpy and I get jumpy. I do a power grab and think I can handle it. HA
      I need to give it back to Him and get out of the way so to speak. Tough, I know.


  3. Haha! You’re experiences fascinate me 🙂 This story reminded me of me first mission trip to the DR. When we first got off the plane we had to ride 4 hours on a bus in the dark. My faith increased exponentially that night. 🙂


  4. I would have been right beside you in getting off that bus. And yes, sometimes I try to take back the wheel, especially when it comes to my kids. It is hard to let go and trust God to teach them sometimes, because His timing doesn’t always coincide with mine ;-D.


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