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If you’re a regular Rambling with the Barba follower you were expecting a Photo Friday post here jammed packed with oddball photos from my current home country Paraguay, in the heart of South America. Have no fear faithful, Photo Friday will return to its regularly scheduled channel next week.

Today however, I’m guest posting over at Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff. Many of you are familiar with Jon and SCL as well as his other blog Jon is the author of the fantastic book Quitter and Organizer of the Quitter conference series. If you haven’t read Quitter you gotta get on that.

If you moseyed on over here from my post at Stuff Christians Like feel free to take a look around.  You may be interested in my Jesus Junk category of posts. I commandeered the term from a post appearing on SCL ages ago. I thought it fit the type satire I was writing in that series.

By far the most popular post I have written is an adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham. It’s called Folks with Sin. Maybe you’re wondering how we got here in Paraguay as missionaries. The How to Make a Missionary series is a comical look at how God shaped us for this work.



Some of my personal favorites:

Authentic is the New Plastic

The Day Fear Came

Yard Sale God

If you haven’t had your fill yet, check out the Barba Post Here Too page for other guest posts at some great blogs.

If you like what you read you can subscribe to my RSS feed, Follow me on Twitter, and like my Facebook Fan Page.  In addition to these great connections I launched the Barba Wit & Wisdom Mobile App this week. It is totally free and You an download it for exclusive content not found on the blog. This was in response  to reading Jon’s post on the new (mobile) internet.

So there you have it, Intro to Rambling with the Barba 101. Be sure to stick around for the more advance class starting after you subscribe.

Here is an excerpt from today’s post:

Have you noticed over the last few years the alarming rate at which the average church-goer uses the word Amen in place of the word Yes? Who instituted the “Amen for Yes” lexicon upgrade? With the  ever-filling church calendar, the average church attendee finds flipping back and forth from Amen to Yes exhausting.

All that Amen-ing may get you in the affirmative with your congregation but it doesn’t travel well outside of the Christian environment. Unless, of course, you live in the South (Bible Belt country) or Branson, Missouri, you may find yourself wishing you had a guide that alleviates this stressful decision making conundrum. Wish no more. To keep you from the embarrassing dilemma of the Amen Religious Affirmation Syndrome, I have written a few pointers. These are sure to help you navigate the often turbulent seas of positivity.

Continue over at Stuff Christians Like…

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  1. Rule 4 brought to mind Mr. Acuff’s coining of the phrase ‘Chicken Church’. I don’t remember which post that was in but I stole it and often use it in Chik-fil-A’s where he is never likely to come shamelessly passing it off as mine.


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