App-ed to Do It.

Huge news on the Barba front today.

I’ve been surveying the blogging landscape. I’ve been reading the hip books and posts on how to make your blog the envy of all the interwebs. I have been lurking around some of your blogs gathering ideas. Yeah, that was me. Sorry, I should have called first.

In line with the whole concept of Permission Marketing from Seth Godin I see a ton of newsletters popping up from various bloggers. Get on “The List,” they say. I have subscribed to several of them myself. What can I say? The promise of exclusive content and members only offers had me plunking in my email address, and fast. Everybody likes free stuff, right?

In reassessing the goals of the Barba machine I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to give you, my faithful, more value for your Barba experience. The cool thing is about the same time as I was contemplating how to give you more, I read a great blog post by Jon Acuff about a new internet–the mobile one. I want to be fresh and hip and all that, so I started brainstorming. You may have seen something about that on the international news.

App Icon

The culmination of that storm is the Barba Wit & Wisdom mobile app. Yep, you heard that right, an app for your mobile device that ups the Barba ante. This app has four menu selections to fill your barba hunger.

There is a Twitter page where you will receive up-to-the-minute tweets from @RamblingBarba fed directly into the app.

There is a link page filled with clicks to all things Barba on the web. Just pick your destination and touch the link and your phone browser will whisk you away to some web-based Barba wonderland.

There is a contact page where you can touch to open a blank email addressed to yours truly. Go ahead–send me some mail, ask me some questions or just give me a prayer request.

Finally, there is the home page. This is where the Wit & Wisdom and exclusive content come in. The home page will be filled with on-the-go content from me. This will be stuff that is not on the blog page so only app users will get it. Don’t worry–these are going to be periodic and small. The idea is to share a quote or a random thought or a photo as I run across them during my week, not to burn all your data download.

Sounds pretty cool, huh? And, as they say, “That’s not all,” it’s completely…


Meaning it will cost you nothing. Zip. Nada. Can you believe it? I can’t either. An added benefit to the Barba Wit & Wisdom app is that when hot news happens in our world we can simply push a notification directly to your app and you will be the first to know.

App Splash Screen

Click here to go to the web page for a download or you can test run it in your device’s web browser.

Android Users: Make sure you have selected the ability to install non-Market apps in your application settings. I have the app .apk file available if you have trouble with the site. Just email me I will send it to you.

iPhone/iPad Users: I’m very sorry but at the moment I can’t afford the $100/year fee to add the app to iTunes. If someone has an iTunes store and would host it, that would be great, but for a free app I can’t do it. You can use it in your browser at the above URL and just create a desktop shortcut.

Windows Mobile Users: Same as IOS, the $100 fee for placing the app in the App Hub is outside of my budget. You can download it from the website here or if you would like I can send you the app in .xap format for your phone then you can sideload it.

QR Code-You can scan and download

To the right is the QR code. If you want you can scan it you can load the app that way; I’m told.

There you have it, more Barba for the same great price—FREE. That sounds like a win for everyone involved.

Anybody using the app? What do you think? Get the word out.

Please give me suggestions of things to add or change to make this app better for you ;-)>

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