Photo Friday

Another week down in the books means its time for another edition of Photo Friday. I hope you enjoy the photour of our surroundings…

Paraguay is a land where there aren’t many, if any, middle class. Last week I showed you a picture of a horse cart in the middle of town representing the poor. I took this shot about 5 blocks from the horse cart. This is a Aston Martin DB7 Vantage convertible. Retail on this in the US market is $170,000. Who knows how much it cost to get it here. The path of the haves and the have nots in Paraguay crosses daily.



As bizarre as it seems, this is a portable Ice Skating rink set up in a tent at a local shopping center. It is complete with rental skates to propagate the requisite fungal infections and cut outs of snowmen and ice fairies to put your face behind for photos. I’m not a hockey fan but the prospect of a body check in the heart of South America is interesting.




This is a lottery booth. They are on every corner and there are vendors at every traffic light boarding buses and such. It is huge business. Don’t be fooled by these rustic little tables and chalk board numbers, each of these have a cellular- based credit card swipe in the event you don’t have any jack in your wallet.




Our neighbor a couple of years ago manage to trap this Tucan and had him in a cage as a pet. It was so cool to have this beautiful animal only inches away so we could get a really good look at him. It still amazes me that these kinds of things are local and not just in the zoo here.



I’ve mentioned on here before that my wife was hit by a truck and shattered her femur. This is an X-ray after the first surgery and installation of the first plate. She has since had a second surgery to miter the femur and remove then replace this plate with a larger one with more screws. Continue to pray for her as she recovers. We hope to have the current plate removed in February.





Got any questions or comments about these? Have a great weekend and thanks so much for reading 😉

9 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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    1. Maybe next week i will post a pic of this plate now that it is out. We have it in a ziploc bag. I need to post the newest one. It has 9 screws this time instead of 7. Chilling.


  1. My leg hurts just looking at that x-ray. My other leg hurts knowing she had to go through surgery twice. On the other hand, the fact that she survived being hit by a truck is pretty remarkable. I tried to read about your experience having open heart surgery in Paraguay, but neither link worked. How does Paraguay handle medical bills? Is there insurance? Are they “government operated?”

    Is the ice-skating rink a year-round thing, or just in wintertime, which I guess is now for you, isn’t it?

    Finally, was the toucan bird pretty feisty or was it calm, like at a zoo?


    1. She is an incredible woman for sure. If you would like to look at the bottom of my page there is a list of categories in the footer. Click on Surgeries and you will get 3 on mine and the Learning to Lean from today’s post. Some of the other places have some old links to now defunct websites.
      Health care is socialized here and its bad. We have private health insurance from a company here but they “Chose” not to pay for a part of mine and dropped our coverage. When Christie’s came we didn’t realize they had lowered all of our policies so we had to pay for a good bit of hers too.
      The ice skating is new this year. I think for winter only, btw it was about 86F.
      The Toucan was calm. He had been caged for about 2 months when we saw him.


  2. That photo of the plate gives me the willies. I can’t imagine. Yikes!

    Sounds like God has led you folks through some deep waters.


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