The Handwritten Guest Post

Yes on both counts. I hand wrote this guest post and it is for the super cool blog The Handwritten by Michael Perkins. It is a so cool to get to post over there for Michael today. That really is my hand writing but I have to admit I wrote it about 300 times to get one legible. Ya see, it doesn’t do anyone any good to have a great concept like The Handwritten if no one can read it. So, I made sure you could understand my Hieroglyphs.





Here’s the deal, Michael has a really cool, really raw concept for his blog. I love it. It is usually a quick read but that is where it is deceptive. These posts are ones that stick in my head for days sometimes. I encourage you to click on over and surf through The Handwritten you will not be sorry. While you’re there go ahead and click that subscription button, too. Below is a excerpt from my post over there when you get over there you will understand this.

God is the Man!!…

Click to read the rest


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