Photo Friday

It’s time again for a mini gallery of Picto-Paraguay. I have been into the capital on the bus a couple of times this week. That affords me opportunity to see more stuff and liberty to snag some pics with my phone. I hope you like this week’s offerings.

Here in Paraguay there is a minimum wage law. It is like all law–if it is not enforced it is really only a suggestion. Many big name companies in the major cities comply, especially those owned by foreign entities. The top line in the gray box says: minimum legal salary is 1,658, 232 Gs per month ($390.17) for a 12 hour work day. These are considered good jobs because they are regular pay at that rate. Away from the big city it is vastly different. In our previous town a male earned 500,000Gs ($117.65) and a female 300,000 ($70.58). That is for 12 hour days and 1 day off per month.

A product of that low wage is a family must have every available person working. These are street kids. Some of them are living on the street and others are put to work by some adult, panhandling. They will congregate at a traffic light where lots of nicer cars pass and just walk up to the car while the motorists are stopped. They lean in the window and ask for money. Many have been taught to survey the interior for loose items to grab and then run.




When it comes to putting food on the table you do whatever you can. We see these horse carts all over the place. This one is in the middle of a commercial area on a major 4-lane street. I managed to catch it with few cars in the shot. Despite the lunatic traffic here they tend to fare well. People are used to seeing them on the street and usually avoid them without incident.

This guy is a chipero. That’s to say he sells chipa. Chipa is a homemade bread traditionally cooked in a brick oven over a wood fire. It is cheap to make, everyone eats it and it keeps well. You are supposed to carry the basket on your head to free your hands so you can enter the buses, make change, put the chipa in a bag, and eat your lunch or whatever else you need to do.








Finally, my daughter had an appointment to have her eyes checked. We are still without transport so we hit the bus and went to see her doctor. Apparently someone was being trial fitted for a prosthetic eye, and the doctor had left this case filled with peepers on the table. It was kinda bizarre to have a box stare you down but with this many eyes on me I was intimidated by the little wooden case.


Any questions or comments on this weeks galleria of spectacles? Haha SEE what I did there?

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  1. I’m with Ellen. I love hearing your stories. The minimum wage was pretty interesting. I did some math to put things in perspective. An American working for minimum wage for 120 hours a month earns three times as much as a Paraguyan with a “great job” earning minimum wage for roughy 388 hours = Americans on the lowest pay scale get paid three times as much working 30% less than a Paraguayan on the “high end”. Yes, I think we are rich.


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