I was Accepted as a Reject

I normally don’t post on Saturday but today is a very special day. Today I am guest posting over at Modern Reject. You heard me, Modern Reject. Nicole Cottrell is the author of Modern Reject and she is, in a word, Cool. Her blog was recently included in the list of 200 most influential Christian blogs. Yeah, I know, big time right?


Nicole has become my cyber-friend through blog comments and social media. She and her husband have a fervent love for Jesus and after getting to know them I find we think a lot alike. No, they have a much firmer grip on reality than I do. They aren’t nearly as sarcastic in virtual public as I may be. Sorry she doesn’t nearly as much blog space as I do on trivial, ridiculous topics. Ok, maybe I just want to be like them.

Nicole has a unique and authentic, yet grounded voice over at her blog where she communicates Jesus’ love to others. If you haven’t read Modern Reject before you will be really sad and really happy at the same time. Happy you found it and sad you hadn’t found it sooner. But, be of good cheer, you can just subscribe and start back reading to catch up.

Today I am posting a piece that literally just fell out of my head. I had a phrase written down as reminder for me when I returned to write. I sat down to write and woke up 20 minutes later with this post on the screen. After reading a post over at Modern Reject I decided to send it to Nicole. She doesn’t do very many guest post over there so I was very pleasantly surprised to find she wanted to use it. Here is an excerpt…

Are You an Amoral or a Moral Christian?

I’ve noticed something a little odd lately. I was reading a book and one of the characters was described as a good moral Christian. I was listening to an audio presentation and the guest was introduced as a salt-of-the-Earth type. “She’s a good Christian, moral person” they said. The pairing of the words moral and Christian is popping up a lot. Maybe I’m just naïve. I know I’m a big ole dumb southern male and all, but I thought that morality and Christianity kinda went together. Like, I follow Jesus and therefore I am moral.

Silly me.


Click on over to finish it…..


  1. Go read Modern Reject
  2. Leave witty, engaging comments
  3. Subscribe to Modern Reject
  4. Have a great weekend

See y’all Monday.

4 thoughts on “I was Accepted as a Reject

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  1. I liked it, too. And I like you, Ken. You’re always a refreshing commenter over on ye olde Modern Reject (wait, is that contradictory?). I don’t comment much on her blog or others’, but know that you have a refreshing voice. Your passion for Jesus so clearly comes through in everything you say–truly.

    Much love, brother man!


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