Photo Friday

Photo Friday is here again. Last week was a little different. I wanted to honor some friends of mine down here who have suffered a tremendous loss. Please continue to lift them up in prayer. Today it’s back to the visual tour of Paraguay.

My wife took this picture. I was there but thought I would jack her copy when the time came. This is posted on a bathroom door in a grocery store. Remember I told you before that Political Correctness hasn’t found it’s way down here? Well, the literal translation of this is pretty simple to figure out: Minus or Less Valid. That is to say handicapped or disabled. The cool part is that many places have a separate bathroom altogether for the handicapped and generally it is maintained better.



If you were to run around back of the grocery store you might catch a glimpse of this truck. Those are sides of beef hanging in there. The fellow taking a load on top of his head has half a rack of uncut beef ribs. None of this is plastic wrapped BTW.  Check the dog out hooping for a mishap. Any cuts smaller than a side are sitting in the floor, not hanging. It is a spotlessly cleaned truck but…





I’ve told you guys before the Paraguayans like to be efficient with their loads. This poor little beast of burden is piled high and ridin’ low. I have no idea what is inside these giant bags. I do know I will NOT be traveling behind this monstrosity in the event something decides to exit.




I caught this guy on a mini-cast rod and reel. It is a fresh water Stingray. It was an awesome fight and  fantastic surprise pulling this thing out of the river. I never expected it. He was about 15 inches across and weighed about 4 pounds. And, yes, he was trying to spear me with his tail. I threw him back in only seconds before I was accosted by fisherman from every direction. They all wanted to buy it to take home and eat. Who knew?





This was my friend Domingo’s house. He lived about 2 miles from a dirt road. You have to go down foot paths to get back there. Domingo was blind, about 65 years old and lived alone in this little place. He had some neighbors about 200 yards away that helped when he called them over. About a week after this picture was taken Domingo died from cold exposure. His health wasn’t that good and it got pretty chilly. Despite the blankets we brought him during one of our projects he didn’t make it.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s pictorial Paraguay. Which one stuck with you and why?

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. 1. How long did it take for your stomachs to adjust to the change in meat handling?
    2. The truck explains the crazy driving. How can the driver see anything behind him? Or on the side?
    3. The stingray is beautiful!
    4. I am showing these pictures to my kids–especially the house.


  2. I don’t know if any standout. We just don’t know how things are anywhere else in the world, though. We think we are superior here in the States. We’re just different.


    1. That is a key point for us to recognize particularly while we are here. The shock of being in a different culture is a real challenge. We must operate within the culture we are in and not strive to create a bunch of American Jesus Christians.


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