Photo Friday Memorial Edition

Today is a very special edition of Photo Friday. One notable difference is there are more words, and the other is that there are only two photos. Most all of us have in our minds preconceived notions of certain things. Like, when I say “True Christian” someone’s face pops in your head. Today I would like to honor some great friends and true Christians. Norberto and Julie Kurrle and the children, Timmy and Anahi have been fantastic friends to us since our move to Paraguay. They have truly been a blessing to our family with their positive, can-do attitude and their wealth of experience in the mission life of Paraguay.

God poured His adventurous spirit into this awesome couple. I knew I must get to know them better when I found out they drove, yeah you read that right, drove from the northern United States to the southern tip of Paraguay. They accepted God’s call to full-time mission work and packed their Suburban and headed out. *turns green with envy* You’re already online–click over and take a look at a map. That. Is. A road trip. It took them more than 70 days. I am in awe.

Well Done.

Seldom do you find wisdom resting in the face of youth but Julie and Norberto both exemplify godly wisdom. You won’t find a couple more rooted in the concepts of wise counsel. They have always been quick to hear and slow to speak and willing to share from their stores of good judgment.

Well Done.

It’s uncommon to stumble upon a married couple who smile with such ease. God knitted Julie together in such a fashion I didn’t think her face or her demeanor were capable of making a frown. Since learning Spanish I have found that “Norberto” must mean easy-going because he is just that. What a compliment to the cause of Christ.

Well Done.

Julie took the challenging conditions Paraguayan life offered with a vision in her heart. She wanted to make God’s dream for her come true. The Kurrles lived a rustic lifestyle for years to prepare a home for the coming revelation of God’s work for them. They formed and opened the ICCI institute and began changing the lives of Paraguayan young adults.

Well Done.

They heard the call of God to expand their family. They listened as He wrote adoption on their hearts. They were astounded when He selected a sister for Timmy and began opening doors to expedite the process. They met, adopted and loved Anahi. They recognized they were chosen for her as much as she was for them.

Well Done.

Julie and Norberto prioritized their family and it showed. Timmy was the textbook image of boy. He needed to jump off of stuff and wrestle the dog and get muddy and talk too loud. However, under the mud and play there was a gentle caring kid with surprising savvy for six years. Julie wanted to be the woman/mother/wife God designed her to be.  She decided to step back from ministry this year to help facilitate Anahi’s transition into the family. They made numerous trips to Asuncion, the capital, to trudge through the paperwork swamp, but all with a song in their hearts for the new daughter they’d been given.

Well Done.

The Kurrles left their home, bound once again for the capital. They had slated to pick up a birth certificate and passport for their new little girl. With their furlough trip back to the United States coming up in a couple of weeks, they’d need these items to travel. Around 5:30 Wednesday morning, they had an auto accident. Julie Kurrle and her six year old son, Timmy, closed their eyes to our world and opened them in HIS.

“Well Done.”

Please keep Norberto and Anahi in your prayers as well as the rest of their family and friends. The impact of this incredible young woman spans the globe and her silence is deafening.

Other tributes if you are interested in reading: Tribute to a Fallen Hero, That Which Has Been Your Delight

The Kurrle Family has a blog at Passion for Paraguay.

26 thoughts on “Photo Friday Memorial Edition

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  1. I found out about this tragic accident through a friend on FB. I spent a sleepless night wrestling with God, trying to make sense of this. My heart aches for those who are feeling the loss of Julie and Timmy. Thank you for sharing about the light that has been spread to so many through their lives


  2. What a moving tribute! Thank you for that. I never met them, but I got to know them through email and blogging. Julie was a beautiful woman through and through.


  3. I have been And will continue to pray for this amazing family. I pray that God will give this Husband And beautiful daughter peace And comfort And surround them in his loving arms. God gainex two beautiful angels.


  4. ufda – heart wrenching stuff – beautifully written and I knew the end but was savouring the middle. .. and the best is yet to come uh?


  5. I do not believe this is God’s plan–how could it be?
    Yet He is honored in how we respond to tragedy,
    Weaving our losses into His tapestry

    Making a new thing.

    My prayers go out to you and your friends, Ken.


  6. Ken … Our prayers will be with this family. Your beautiful, heartfelt tribute is evidence that they have blessed and inspired you and your family. We do not understand God’s reasoning for taking such blessings from us but we know that all things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose. We will pray that His love will envelope Norberto and Anahi and that His purpose will be carried out in their lives.


  7. It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Julie and Timmy. Julie was such a vivacious, joyful, loving, caring person who had much spiritual maturity. She really touched my heart. In 2006 she sent an email from Paraguay saying she knew something was seriously wrong with me. God told her. I was just given the diagnoses of cancer for the second time. I was so astonishd that she knew. I do not understand why this had to happen to her and Timmy but I do know God is in control. May God be with you Norberto and Anahi. Trust Him with every ounce of faith you have within you. He will see you through. I’ve been there. Elaine Jadischke


  8. I have been praying for you, your family and the Kurrie family in this time of loss. May He heal Norberto and Ahani in mind, spirit and body and give them strength and comfort as they grieve. I will continue to pray…


  9. I never met the Kurrie family while I was serving in Paraguay – but knew of the impact that they had been making.. Truly heartbreaking news — Have been praying for the family and will forward this news on to my Prayer Partners to pray for Norberto and Anahi and all that knew them as they struggle dealing with this.


  10. Norb and Julie were dear friends and Timi was all boy to his very core. It broke my heart the day that I read of this tragedy and my heart is still heavy. Paying for you and your family as you to mourn the passing of an awesome warrior of the faith. God bless my brother!


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