Interview with a Vamp,Uh, Missionary

Two posts in one day. I know, right? Pace yourself. Today I have the honor of being interviewed by Chad Gibbs over at his blog for a series he is calling The Missionary Deposition. Today is volume 1 and Yours Truly is up to bat. Click on over and and give it a read. Comment like there is no tomorrow and then meander around Chad’s site. He is somewhat regionally semi-famous in his niche. Seriously, pick up a copy of his book, especially if you’re a football fan in the SEC. By the way, be careful staring at that picture of Baby Chad, that thing kinda grabs your soul. You’ll find you have to come back periodically just to look at it.

So, to refresh:

  • Click over to Chad Gibbs interview with me.
  • Like it, tweet it, share it.
  • Comment on at least one of Chad’s blog posts.
  • Subscribe to Chad–you’ll be glad you did.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with Baby Chad——–>

Now for the other post today, please take time to go read my Photo Friday, which honors some dear missionary friends here in Paraguay.

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