Photo Friday and the Give Away Winner

It’s Photo Friday and I have some great pics for ya this week. But first, I want thank everyone who participated in the first ever Rambling with the Barba give away. You guys were very gracious with your supportive comments. And, judging by the number of entries, there was a lot of interest in winning the hot looking leather-covered coffee set. So, before we dive right into the photos–Drumroll–tatatatatatatatatatattatatatatatata.

The winner of the genuine enviable, hand-tooled, possibly Corinthian leather Thermos and matching travel mug is:

Chad Jones of Randomly Chad blog fame.

Let’s start this week off with a little wildlife. That is a grasshopper. It is sitting atop my size 13 slip-on shoe. Yeah, 13. That makes Jiminy Cricket about 6+ inches long. I heard this thing flying by and caught a glimpse when it landed. i thought it was a bird and went to investigate. What I found was a Ballpark frank with wings and some mad hops.








Last week I had to hop a bus or two to get to the capital to handle some business. I took this shot with my phone centered in front of my nose. They crowed ’em on here. I was the last man “on” and so I got the coveted “breeze.” Just below the mirror up front you can see the knee of the last person in the front door. I was genuinely concerned a couple of times when vehicles with big side mirrors passed. I’ll be back on the bus today so pray my keaster doesn’t get snatched off.


Speaking of buses: In Paraguay it is common practice for vendors to hop on a bus when it makes a stop and meander through the crowd trying to sell what ever it is they have. This lady has chipa. It’s basically a type of homemade bread. It’s tucked in that basket and it’s still warm. At one point in the trip there were 7 vendors on the bus at the same time. They had 6 varieties of fruit, 10 types of candy or gum, 4 chilled soft drink choices, socks, underwear, hats, bracelets and many more things I have forgotten.

This guy had apples, pears and plums.



These little kiosks are sitting on the sidewalks everywhere. This baby is chocked full of bootleg DVDs, music CDs and games for whatever console you have. The originals are almost nonexistent. It is very difficult to find original discs and they are ridiculously over-priced so the folks here fabricate their own. Two years ago we were sitting at a traffic light and saw a guy selling a copy of a movie that was scheduled to open the following weekend. THAT’S A NEW RELEASE!




Finally, after a busy day hanging out of buses and buying stuff and vying for seating, nothing feels better than a hot shower. This is locally called the Widow Maker. It is an on-demand hot water heater. It heats the water as it runs through it. How, you ask? With 240 volts of electricity running through those wires. These are extremely common here. Some are in better condition than this one, but most are worse. The temp is controlled by how fast the water passes through the unit. The faster the water is running, the cooler it comes out. Also, I would advise making all your necessary adjustments before hitting the switch.

That’s it this week. Thanks for celebrating my blogiversary with me and for making it so successful. I don’t have another give away for next week but you can still share my posts if you like 😉 Thanks.

What do you think about this week’s photos? Any questions?

7 thoughts on “Photo Friday and the Give Away Winner

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  1. So envious!
    We have black and orange grasshoppers in Georgia – about half the size of the one in your picture. I scream every time one flies at me. I don’t know if I could survive seeing yours!


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