The Barba Out Loud

It’s been a busy few days here at Rambling with the Barba. On top of my normal post last week I had an article featured over at Provoketive Magazine on Saturday. If you didn’t get the chance to take a look at that run over there and give it a gander.

Today, however, is a new day and a new week.

I have the giddy middle school girl-like pleasure of guest posting at Tamaraoutloud. *SQUEELS like a miniature pig* I know, you’re excited too. If you’re not familiar with Tamara Lunardo then head on over and give her blog the once over (maybe twice). She is a fantastic writer who blogs her life and faith story with a snappy wit and an extra helping of authenticity. Tamara post for several online magazine-style blogs as well as writing and editing the “What a Woman is Worth” collaborative project due out this summer. Look for it, buy it. This coming weekend Tamara will be speaking at the Killer Tribes blogging conference in Nashville.

Below is an excerpt of my guest post. Go ahead and click over to read the full article, plan to make wittty banter in the comments and schedule time to sift through the entire Tamara Out Loud blog.

Bus Magnet

The guy I bought the VW Golf from never told me it was a bus magnet. A couple of weeks back that little green road warrior played a poor man’s Magneto and sucked a bus right into the front fender. It’s not a bad hit but it is a little frustrating. We are only two weeks removed from having the motor rebuilt so the prospect of having it in the shop again is nauseating at best.

The operation of a bus here is like a choreographed dance. Something akin to a circus performance. Imagine a carnie juggling knives that are on fire, with a backpack full of Africanized bees, walking over red hot coals that have shattered drink bottles spread liberally throughout. He is doing all this and still needs to pour a steaming hot cup of lava in the thimble sitting in your lap. ….Click over to finish reading.

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