Photo Friday

You guys are in for a treat today. This is the first ever Photo Friday themed post. The theme you ask? Stuff in Bags. Yep, various items found at our local grocery store that come in bags. Sure, we have your run-of-the-mill stuff in bags like chips and candy but then it starts to get a little weird.

 Who’s ready for a big bag of Mayo? I know. sounds great huh? On this aisle we have numerous brands of mayonnaise,  ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauces all in bags. It tends to be a dietetic effort by the food companies. When I make a sandwich and I want to put a condiment on it, the second I pick up that giant gelatinous bag and give it a squeeze I don’t feel like eating.








You gotta have something to wash down that squeeze play sandwich. How about a fresh squeezed glass of milk? In this instant the squeezing is from you very own bag. Milk here comes in a box, in a bag or in a Coke bottle straight from the cow. The latter of which will need to be boiled. Bag milk is joined by cream, drinkable yogurt and one kind of soft cheese all in bags as well. There are plastic bag holders to put your bag in so you can cut the corner and pour without mess.










Who wouldn’t love getting up in the morning and toasting some bread and squeezing on a delicious layer of peach jelly. Why fuss with a jar or bottle when a bag takes up less space and feels so good in your hand? I guess technically this is a marmalade and not a jelly.










The pizza sauce in a bag is actually a good idea. You can clip the corner and have great control over spreading it to the far reaches of the crust. The various other tomato products bag and stacked are less handy but no less tasty.





What pizza would be complete without olives? Sliced,whole, with or without pits. And you don’t have to worry about dropping the jar.











The “Bagopolypse” is not limited to food items. This is one of many brands of laundry soap. That happens to be Portuguese for “brilliant.”











Finally. you can’t do laundry without fabric softener. A few of these brands make their bag look like a bottle which is kinda ironic.



We have been out of the U.S. for a while so some of this may be old news there. I don’t know what may have been introduced in bags since we moved.

What product would you like to see in a bag? And, not see in a bag?



10 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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    1. On eggs:if we buy them from the neighbors then they come in whatever bag they have laying around.

      Ant poison: If it is powder to mix then yes.

      The milk is convenient, comes a liter per bag.


  1. In Brazil the homogenized milk comes in bags, and the UHT milk comes in boxes. I really don’t care much for UHT milk, so every so often when I lived in Brazil I’d buy a bag of homogenized. Aside from dealing with the annoying packaging, every clerk who rang up my purchase always warned me to boil the homogenized before I drank it. Apparently they confuse it with raw milk or something. After a while I gave up and just thanked them for the advice.


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