Photo Friday

I went back this week and dusted off some of my older albums to bring you some good visual bits of Paraguay. I hope you enjoy the slightly more rural feel to this week’s photo set.

I spied this beauty right after we first got here. It was parked on a used car lot. Yes, that is an outboard boat motor mounted on the rear. This wonderful hunk of man metal is a Floater. Not to be confused with the other kind of floater this one is adept on land or water. The cool thing is you can drive the boat motor from the drivers seat. I really amped up the “benefits” of this doodad when pleading with my wife. Alas, she was correct. Something like a giant boat motor sticking out the back would be very bad in the crazy traffic when we visit the city. *Sighs pondering “What if?”*

It is true that the word Baño essentially means bathroom. It is also true that the bathrooms here are, at times, more “rustic” than we are used to in the U.S. We went to visit the zoo in Asuncion and I followed an arrow to the restroom. When I rounded the corner this is what I found. Seeing that I was anticipating a “numerical low” (#1) performance I had no problem with the facilities. It was as I was making my approach that I saw the other piece of wood on the ground. The one with the arrow pointing to the other building with actual toilets and sinks and paper and the other kind of floaters. Sorry. I’m a sucker for bathroom humor. BTW, there was another tree with pink flowers on it for the ladies Baño. I jest.




You gotta love low tech ingenuity and it doesn’t get much more low tech than a random tree truck power pole. When electricity reaches rural areas here the electric company requires you to provide your own poles to reach your house from the main line. These gnarled and weathered semi-post are what supplies my neighbors, at the time, with juice. Look close and you can see the meter housings tacked on there, too. These bad boys run about 600-700 meters till they reach the house.







I decided to give you guys a little wild life this week. I didn’t know that Tarantulas were indigenous creatures to Paraguay before we moved. I found out while doing a little work around the house. I also didn’t know that this particular one was an adolescent. I found that out when their season came full swing and I killed a couple trying to get in the house on hunting ventures. Those were dramatically larger than this little guy. I am not a spider guy.

I am a fishing guy. I caught this maniacal little beast in the Parana River. I know, but I am not lying. I caught a Piranha in the Parana. It gets better the place where we were fishing is called Florida, Villa Florida to be exact. This was the only fish of the afternoon but it was a good one. It fought like a much larger fish and was aggressive with me when I tried to release it. I struggled with the hook and the fish just looked disgusted and called me names. I guess it was more passive-aggressive. Technically this is somewhat of a cousin to the Red Bellied classic piranha  but he had a mouth full of chompers and a disagreeable demeanor.





What photo sticks out to you? Why did it make an impression?

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. I like the picture of the power line the best. And I am impressed that you caught a piranha in the Pirana near Villa Florida. I don’t think I would go fishing in piranha infested waters, but then, fishing is not my thing at all.

    BTW, how do you kill big spiders? Or do you just trap and release them somewhere far, far away? I use an ice chopper on the cute, little, creepy scorpions that sometimes venture from their hiding places into our pool area. Methinks it would be too messy for tarantulas.


    1. The first time I was caught without anything to kill it. I didn’t want to step on a spider with a leg span of 4-5 inches. I figured it might just grab my foot. I decided to use something heavy and flat like a piece of wood to drop on top.


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