Photo Friday

The first Photo Friday went over so well I thought I would do it again. I hope you enjoy this week’s offerings.

These beauties are hot dog wieners. Here, most of the hot dogs are individually wrapped in plastic. After they are packaged, each dog is printed with the brand name and logo. But who knows how long they will be under powerful lights awaiting purchase. Well, those propaganda sunlamps have tanned the image right to the dog. These plumpers are chicken wieners and you can clearly see the print and logo tanned into the skin. BTW, this is after boiling them for 5 minutes.




This is a van used by a pet shop and grooming store in Asuncion. I thought their ingenuity was awesome in the artwork for the graphics. However when I saw the pooch peeing on the rear wheel of the van I had to have a shot of it.








Remember I told you that it’s not very politically correct here. This is from a poster in a local elementary school teaching the kids about ethnic differences. I can’t find the photo of the Asians but you can get a glimpse of the Native Indians’ representative directly above these two. Funny thing is, they really have a very different, but solid, view of ethnicity here. It’s not all jacked up like you would think from these examples.





Road rules are a little different here, too. We have all manner of vehicles on the streets vying for space. With gas at around $7 (yep, that’s seven) per gallon, the smaller the better. This little hot rod is being sold new at a local motorcycle dealership. It seats four, has a CD player, and a convertible top. The best part is it has three wheels and can turn on a dime to park on a manhole cover with space to spare. So who wants to drop the top and brave the war-torn streets to take on the gods of passenger transport–the buses?

Finally, I will leave you with this. This is the speedometer in my car. I love the fact that it reads in kilometers per hour. It’s like being in Mad Max all the time. You want to run up to the store, 80 kph. You want to run into town, 110 kph. You want to take a road trip, 120-130 kph. The adrenaline rush from seeing the speed climb rapidly past 70 kph to rest on 120 is great for a recovering speedster like me.  The trick is to shut down the part of your brain that automatically converts that 120 kph to 75 mph. Without that, it’s Cannonball Run.



What photo stuck with you and why?

12 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. Loved looking at these photos, Ken. It’s fascinating to see images like this. The dog peeing on the tire made me laugh. And that car! Goodness. At $3.70 a gallon we have nothing to complain about in North Carolina. 🙂


  2. The pet store van is hilarious…

    I secretly want a tiny car like that, but everyone tells me they aren’t the safest things in the world – like the junker I’m driving now is any better. =)


  3. I like how the white people are at the bottom in the picture. After studying world history for the past three years with my kids, from Roman times to present, I am amazed at all the huge, long, horrific wars Europeans have started. We are just as barbaric as any other race.

    I also am trying to wrap my mind around individually wrapped hot dogs. On the plus side, you can always buy exactly what you want and you can even match the number of hot dogs to the number of buns you have. However, I hate packaging and having to unwrap individual wieners would probably cause me to call curses down on the packaging engineers before I remembered that Jesus told us to pray for our enemies.


  4. I already love the wednesday blogs, but this is just icing on the cake! My favorite is the dog peeing, it adds a nice touch to the van.


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