The End is Near or Using a Pocket PA

I piled into the car the other day with a goal of the grocery store. Milk, eggs, cheese, deodorant you know, the usual. When I got to the corner to make my right turn I saw the picture below. But live.

I didn’t know these guys existed down here in Paraguay. Take a look.

  • John the Baptist full and reckless beard, check.
  • Huge book-like item with the words Holy Bible printed in giant letters (in Spanish), check.
  • Dress-like robe indicating you are a for-real sage, check.
  • Self contained public address system conveniently tucked into a smart-looking messenger bag, check.
  • Battery pack to power your pocket PA, check.
  • Floppy vagrant-style hat to seal prophet image, check.

I had my window down as I made the turn. I am sincerely not making this up but as rolled by I could clearly hear the words “El fin esta cerca.” Yep, that would be translated “The end is near.”

All of that made for a bizarre scene to be sure. However, when I reviewed this photo for use here, I thought about my own times of testimony. How often do I share God’s good grace with others and how effective is it?

How about you, are you a serial evangelist? Do you tell others your story about God?

8 thoughts on “The End is Near or Using a Pocket PA

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  1. I’ve gone back and forth on this, but mostly, I don’t do overt evangelism. I think that there’s something to be said for respecting and loving a person just for the sake of loving them, and not as a means to an end (in this case, sharing the gospel with them). However, I don’t think I’m 100% right about this issue, because I think that people do genuinely need to hear about Jesus, even if he does mess up their lives a little.


    1. I think to qualify it with the adjective “overt” puts what you’re talking about in the category of the fellow in the photo. I do believe that the best case scenario for evangelizing is from the perspective of a trusted friend. One that people recognize will be there even if they don’t fall in line behind Christ. The “close the deal” mentality is harmful to the cause. I think. I could be wrong.


      1. I like your comment about the problems of having a “close the deal” mentality. The only deal I have ever closed has been with two of my own kids. However, I have been witnessing to kids in Sunday School for 15+ years and praying for people in my life whether they believe in God or not, with their permission. My only witness to adults is to end each and every prayer with “In Jesus name I pray.” I also write a LOT better than I speak and my blog usually has God’s word in it.

        Part of me wants to be bolder with people in person, but I sometimes feel Iike I am a bulldozer in a tiny china shop in that area. I have a pride issue in trying to be proved right at times and that is not “sharing” the gospel, it is “pummeling with” the gospel.


  2. The best complement I’ve ever had was when a good friend of mine was discussing visiting her extremely religious grandmother for the holidays. She was very stressed out and was not looking forward to it at all. About half way into her rant she told me “I know you’re a Christian but you have never shoved it down my throat”.
    Too many people have been burned. When we expose them to loving Christians, they are more likely to see it as a path they can be comfortable with.


  3. Two awesome quotes regarding this topic. One I know comes from Saint Augustine, the other I am unsure:

    “Preach often and if necessary use words.”

    “I am having a hard time hearing you because your actions are drowning you out”

    If you do not make an attempt to live it, shut up!


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