Am I Provoketive?

I know it’s spelled different. It’s not wrong if it’s their name I have the great pleasure of posting over at Provoketive Magazine today. Provoketive is a fantastic magazine chocked full of thought provoking content, hence the name. The good folks at Provoketive are all about the conversation so click on over and comment like crazy. That means a whole lot not like a mentally unstable person. Here is a taste of what I wrote for Provoketive.

Busted Trust

My car getting hit by a bus the first time didn’t do it. Getting hit by the guy in the parking lot of my insurance company didn’t do it. Having surprise open-heart surgery at 40 didn’t do it. My wife getting hit by a truck didn’t do it. Getting hit by a different bus for the second time didn’t even do it. What did do it was a truly inconsequential event that was choreographed to strip the scab of frustration from my injured spirit.

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