Gimme Five Lefty

This is a picture of Lefty. The truth is I don’t know the dogs name she was milling around in a lakeside park we visited. I just decided to call her Lefty.

Now before you get all “Why didn’t you call her Lucky or Spot or Fido?” take a look at that photo. Yep, here’s a closer one.

That’s right I called her Lefty because her front left leg is actually two legs. This is a genuine bona fide five-legged dog we got here. You saw it here first on Rambling with the Barba. I know that power paw looks a little jacked up and it functioned about as good as a knub. But, how often do you see a live five-legged dogs? First time for me and it happened in Paraguay. I will definitely put a check in the pros column for this one.

You ever scene an animal with extra…stuff that was still alive? Jars at the museum and Ripley’s don’t count.

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  1. Some good friends of ours have a polydactal cat (he’s related to Hemingway’s cats). Not the smartest knife in the drawer (he walks into walls) but he is the sweetest thing and quite willing to let you pick up his paws and see his extra toes.


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