Very Faded Glory

My parents came to visit for 10 days around the time Christie, my wife, had surgery on her leg. In preparation for their trip they picked up some much needed clothing and convenience items for us as gifts. One such item is the T-shirt pictured below. Clearly we all recognize the Walmart brand Faded Glory. Walmart markets this brand with this name to drum up a sense of patriotism. The whole “buy American” propaganda that was made popular a few years back. This particular tee has a U.S. flag in the shape of our country, further solidifying the idea of Nationalism.You see that line just below the Brand name? Yeah, where it says “Made in Pakistan/Hecho en Pakistan.” Come on Waltons–at least perpetrate a farce here and just not print the origin on the shirt. Print it on the price tag or a tear-out label. I have nothing against Pakistan. I imagine they work hard there and their children earn a good wage in the sweat sho factory. However if you’re going to call the entire brand “Faded Glory”, do we have to demonstrate just how faded the glory has become?

A heart-felt thanks to my Mom and Dad, as well as my Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law for the visit. It was great to have you with us.



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