Rambling Re-Runs-Folks With Sin

This post kinda wrote itself. It was viewed exponentially more than even the number two post. The number one post of 2011 was Folks With Sin, Inspired by Green Eggs and Ham.

I had the idea of doing  adaptations of several different classic short works. I landed on Green Eggs and Ham. I love Dr Seuss and this was a well loved classic that is representative of his work. While I was looking through our copy of it in Spanish(for real, no kidding Spanish) the title and the first few lines came to mind.

From there Folks With Sin just spilled out of my head. I am thoroughly pleased with the final product. I tried to stick to the rhythm of the original story and offer a twist in the end. If you missed Folks With Sin when it was first posted go read it now. I hope you enjoy it.

BTW in Spanish you are offered “huevos and jamon with Ramon.”










2 thoughts on “Rambling Re-Runs-Folks With Sin

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  1. Barba,

    Thank you for reposting this. My children absolutely love Dr Seuss so I read a lot of it. With your permission, I would love to share this with the members of the motorcycle ministry and my church. One of the biggest parts of my current ministry is trying to encourage people to leave the safety of their houses and churches and go on mission to the people of their communities. God Bless.

    Men of Praise Motorcycle Ministry


    1. I think that would be really cool. I appreciate your asking permission especially when you could’ve just done it and i wouldn’t know the difference. Hopefully there will be a photo book available with the text of this post in it available soon.


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