Open Letter About My Wife

With her hot new hair

Today marks the 19th year since my marriage to Crystal Marie Mason. I thought I knew something about her when we tied the knot but I was wrong. I fell in love with this effervescent young woman for many reasons. The chief among those reasons being she made me feel worthwhile. She has an uncanny way of simply being and making me better.

For instance, this post is no doubt filled with grammar and punctuation issues. Nineteen years ago I didn’t know to what level her “Grammar Nazism” was I just knew she was down with coherent writing. Who knew, right? She had no idea I would be both her ire and purpose in the sphere of language arts. I knew I snagged a keeper the first time she dragged a Sharpie out and corrected a sign in Wal-mart. But, her mystery isn’t just relegated to the world of words.

Christie has the alarming ability to disarm people with her presence. I don’t mean she can wrestle a gun from the clutches a perpetrator with mental telepathy. I mean that in the three minutes it takes to check out at the grocery store she can have the life story and prayer needs of the cross dresser in front of us. I mean that people in polite chit chat find themselves revealing things no one else knows.

We have often joked that she is a crazy magnet. I could fill volumes with the stories of when different, clearly mentally incapacitated individuals sought her out of a crowd to share their woes. It lets me know that the air of Christ has rested on my wife to such a degree that those in need seek HIM because of His presence in her. She embodies understanding. How many of us get a little crazy if we are misunderstood? I do, it makes me pyscho. So it’s only right that I’m attracted to my wife.

That environment of Christ she has motivates her. She searches for ways to alleviate the felt needs of others. She has a difficult time watching the news here in Paraguay because of the graphic nature of the reporting. It bothers her that suffering is going on out there and she can’t fix it. To see these sad events causes her to physically empathize with those at loss.

I have watched her sacrifice so that others could _____. She is one to give of herself nearly to a fault. At the same time it is difficult for her to share a need or accept a gift. She is not naïve enough to think that those things are not a show of love but wants the focus on Christ and others.

I have had the privilege of living through many great times with her. However, it is in the darkest times that her true enigma reveals itself. During those moments where most would cringe and cry she takes a deep breath and perseveres. She relies on God to fill the enormous gaps I fail to fulfill and it shows in her tremendous character.

Have I mentioned that she is a smarty? Not the tiny sweet tarts that come in a roll but a perceptive, wise, ingenious woman. Her love for the people of rural Paraguay collided with her robust gray matter and she began to learn the very difficult language of Guarani on her own. She couldn’t rest on the idea that they would understand a smile and pat on the back, She wanted to communicate with them.

The most incredible part about my wife Christie is that she loves me and our kids with and undeniable fervor. She consistently wants the very best for us and from us. Sometimes that plays out as a gentle hug and a kiss and sometimes it’s a kick in the throat and a “you can do better than that.” The beauty is she is adept at knowing when to kiss and when to kick.

Many of you don’t know Christie and for you I am sad. Those of you who do will attest that she has enriched your lives as well. Although this may seem like a political ad Christie is not running for any public office that I am aware of. Not to mention if she were seeking office these attributes would all be the not so clever trapping of a PR team.

It’s not hype. Christie is the genuine article. A real Christian woman. However in the interest of truthfulness I will say while she is not perfect. While she does not cheat at “Words with Friends” she is RUTHLESS.

I LOVE YOU CHRISTIE. Thanks for the last 20 plus years, 19 in marriage. I hope I can be the kind of love to you that you have been to me.

10 thoughts on “Open Letter About My Wife

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  1. Oh my! Now this is pure poetry and I’m sure your wife was swept off her feet when she read it. Such a beautiful description of a beautiful lady…happy anniversary to a special couple!


  2. Ahh, she is pretty cool and crazy! So glad you blogged about her. I didn’t want her getting a complex after mine 😉 I am sure she has questioned her own sanity for living with you so long.I know this from experience. haha Happy Anniversary! I hope you get to celebrate together in a special way there in Paraguay.


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