Confessions of a Guest Poster

Normally I post the Rambling Round-up on Wednesdays but today, I have the extreme honor of posting over at Confessions of a Funeral Director by Caleb Wilde. I love Caleb’s blog. It’s all things to all people. It’s thought-provoking, witty and sometimes satirical. His recent series on “The Problem of Evil” has damaged my brain, thinking through the theology he discussed.

More often though, he shares stories surrounding his day job as a Funeral Director in the family business. The business of grief is a tough one and Caleb is a true professional in handling his work. He has graciously decided to share his world with the rest of us. If you’re like me, you haven’t really ever thought about the funeral business other than going to a funeral. However, through Caleb’s eyes I have been very grateful to learn more about it and the human condition surrounding death.

Ok, here’s what you need to do. Click over and read my post. Then comment like crazy. I need you to keep me from looking like a chump. After that subscribe to Caleb’s blog and then peruse his other posts. I am positive you won’t be disappointed.

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