We are Fam-i-ly, I Got All…

The truth is I only have one sister. Her name is Jacci and this is a picture of the aggravating little cuss lovely young woman. I love her and her family. Today is her birthday. I won’t tell how old but she is my “little” sister so she is both younger than me and significantly smaller. Cool how that works.

She is mom to 3 ridiculously cool kids, Jackson, Jenna and Jonah(who, inicidently made an appearance in an earlier post). She is wife to a guy I would easily call my brother and not my brother-in-law although he is a cop. I guess that makes my brother-in-law my brother in law, or something like that. Take a seat if you’re feeling dizzy. By the way, Greg, sorry I cropped you out of that picture. It’s her birthday and you know how she can be. Don’t answer that. Kidding, I’m only kidding.

Being that I am the older brother and I took my duty seriously with my sister. I tried to teach her the ways of servanthood. I gave her every chance to bring me what was out of my reach. I tried to teach her humility by embarrassing her in front of her friends when I could. I tried to teach her the culinary refinements of life by allowing her to make me a sandwich or a snack when possible.

In a post earlier this year I chronicled how we tried to teach each other anger management but it turned out more like anger mismanagement. One of the pitfalls of living out of the country is that these days come and we can’t be there to celebrate. So……..

I love you Jacci and I hope you have a great birthday.

Anybody have a younger sibling and try really hard to pass on your wisdom like I did?

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  1. I’m the oldest of three. My favorite story of passing on wisdom was the time my sister and I decided that we’d like to make a sea-saw out of a couple of old railroad ties. I’m guessing I was 9 and she was 6 or 7. We picked one up to lay it across the other at an angle and I immediately realized that it was too heavy. Apparently I thought we had mastered telepathy at that point, because I just dropped my end and thought that she would as well. But no. She had a major gouge out of her finger from this that made my mom interrupt a visit with college roommates she hadn’t seen in forever to drive my sister to the ER.

    Good times.

    Happy birthday Jacci!


  2. You are not supposed to make people tear up on their birthday. Thanks so much for the spotlight on your blog. I truly don’t deserve it. What an awesome present, no need for return. hehe I love you too


  3. Haha that was great! I have 2 younger and 1 older…..I think our younger siblings were pro sandwich makers. 😀

    Hope your sister had a great birthday!


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