That’s right, for the very first time Rambling with the Barba has a photo caption blog. If this is gonna work well I need all you blog stalkers to come out of hiding and take a stab at this pic. I found this at a local department store. I had so many ideas of sarcasm to blog this I couldn’t narrow it down. So, I decided to let you guys have a run at it.


I will go 5th.

13 thoughts on “CAPTION This…….

Add yours

  1. I HAVE A DREAM that one day drive-by shootings will be safer. That the metro kid on this logo will cease to perpetrate the urban image with his headband and high-top shoes.


    The “I have a dream” gun,
    fill it with $2 wine and it’s every pimps dream,
    fill it with diet Coke and it’s every fat guys dream,
    fill it with beer and it’s every sports fan’s dream,
    fill it with piping hot Starbucks coffee and it’s the Barba’s dream.


  2. I don’t know that I have a caption, but I can hear the thoughts of some boys I live with. 13 yr old will I get in trouble, will it be worth it and how far away can I stand and still reach her(sister). 5 yr old – But Mom I was just watering the plants. I don’t know how she (sister) got wet. AND I am sure they dream about it! LOL Can’t wait to hear you thoughts since they are usually warped!! haha


    1. I too have dream of “watering” plants with a high-powered rifle of a water gun near or about the area of a loved one nemesis. What can you say I have a gun full of water and you knew it and you still got in range. That’s on you. haha.


  3. I have a dream where kids carry super soakers instead of real guns to defend his or her purple track suit and headband fashion choices against ridicule OR attempted theft.


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