Why We Can’t Just Get Along

I took this picture at one of the schools where we teach Bible classes. It is a snack item. The Ministry of Education provides snack items and milk for the kids to eat during school hours. For this particular school, these snacks make up a substantial part of the nourishment some of these kids get daily. While I applaud the effort to give the kids a snack, I am skeptical of their choice of packaging.

That’s right, these tasty little morsels are called “Gang Power.” At least it’s in English. These are flavored Tutti Frutti. Everybody knows that hardened gang members love Tutti Frutti. That word below the name is Portuguese for tattoo. Why not? You get a couple of temporary tattoos so your kid can look like a real gang banger while filling his tummy with fruity goodness. The name makes you wonder if by eating these you suddenly become a super hero. Like Breaking-and-Entering Man or the Incredible Habitual Offender.

Printed inside are instructions for setting up your very own meth lab using common household chemicals. I jest, I jest, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

What was your favorite afterschool snack?

10 thoughts on “Why We Can’t Just Get Along

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  1. I remember eating spoonfuls of peanut butter. I wasn’t in a gang or anything though. It was just me… Eating peanut butter…. Watching television.


  2. Haha.. this makes me think of two types of gum I used to chew back in day..

    1- Big League Chewing Gum: Made you feel like a real pro as you shoved a wad of shredded bubble gum into your mouth and pretended it was chewing tobacco.

    2- ..I don’t think they ever really had a name for it but there was this gum shaped like a cigarette and was even wrapped with powder to puff one time like a gangster before you chewed it.

    Way to prep kids for those future tobacco sales.


  3. I don’t ever remember having after school snacks. I was always told it would spoil my appetite. I had to wait for supper. Someone show me some love!!!


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