Peace of Mind

Paraguay is full of private security companies. Just the presence of a guard in front of a house can be the added edge the homeowner needs to protect his family and possessions. I was driving the visiting Grandmas and my kids around to do a little shopping and ran across this private security company. I knew, with one look at their logo, they were getting a call from me, and soon.

Nothing puts fear in the heart of a would-be criminal like a bunny rabbit. Rabbits are truly intimidating animals. I remember as a wayward teen being confronted by a wily lop-eared named Grover. Whew! Thank God I got my act straight before a life of crime led me to this beast.

Knowing that my home could be protected by a service who thinks their crime fighting prowess can best be  represented by the likeness of a furry woodland creature such as this, is clearly a winner in my book. Sign me up. I particularly like the pensive stare at nothing the rabbit is giving.


Are rabbits scary or not? Did you ever own a guard-bunny or security-rabbit?

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  1. Man, that actually made me laugh out loud. Maybe it’s a really BIG rabbit who will trample down any would be intruders. Or maybe a doberman dressed up LIKE a rabbit to surprise the unsuspecting criminal.

    Regardless, they must be some tough guys to wear badges like those.


  2. Ever read Bunnicula? The rabbit in that story would have me frightened if I were a raddish. Donnie Darko had a pretty scary rabbit too. I personally don’t think they’re scary at all or even the least bit frightening. Maybe that’s the point in ititit, they may be trying to change this “nice boy” image of the bunny into something threatening and not so innocent. Yea good luck with that.


    1. I forgot about Donny Darko! Fitting for this post. Awesome write as always. Trey and I always read your blogs together. They never dissapoint; I just can’t believe you haven’t been writing longer!


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